In women with "overwhelming" fertility, these places stand out strongly, check for yourself

Since ancient times, a man's duty has been to earn money to support his family, and a woman's duty is to support her husband and children, so a woman's ability to bear children also determines her status in family. If her fertility is strong, her marital status will be very high, fertility is very low, even if you cannot get pregnant for several years, family or neighbors will laugh at you. So, which woman has best fertility? As a rule, women who are prominent in these places have best fertility.

For a woman with "overwhelming" fertility, these few places stand out

1. Uterus

In women with "overwhelming" fertility, these places stand out strongly, check for yourself

As we all know, womb is a unique organ of friends that is used to culture embryos and form menses. The fertility of girlfriends can also be judged by uterus. you can also judge whether uterus is healthy.

2. Nails

I believe that everyone finds something in life. Each nail has a crescent, but due to different physical fitness of each person, size and number of crescents will also vary. If there are more than 8 crescents on nails, it means that physical fitness is good, and also it reflects from outside that women have better physical resistance and immunity, and it may also reflect that women have stronger fertility.

3. Lips

In women with "overwhelming" fertility, these places stand out strongly, check for yourself

Chinese medicine believes that a woman's fertility can be judged by her lips, and changes in her lips can also directly reflect state of her health. Under normal conditions, lips of healthy women are pink and pale pink, which also means that there is enough qi and blood in body and there is no anemia. Their physical fitness is also relatively healthy, which may also reflect relatively high fertility of women.

4. Buttocks

Old people often say that a woman's bottom is fertile. I think you have often heard this phrase in rural life. Although there is no scientific theoretical basis, there is some truth. Especially when girlfriends give birth naturally, hips are larger and pelvis is wider, which facilitates smooth delivery, which can effectively avoid dystocia or other abnormal conditions.

To increase your chances of conceiving, you can do following small things.

1. Both husband and wife are actively preparing for pregnancy

For male friends, at this time, it is necessary to quit smoking and drinking alcohol, maintain good living habits, adhere to regular work and rest, and stay up late to improve sperm quality and quantity and achieve goal of preparing for pregnancy Effect.

Girlfriends need to actively regulate their body, maintain a stable level of hormone secretion in body, add protein, vitamins, dietary fiber and other nutrients in a timely manner, maintain good living habits, eat a light diet. .

In women with "overwhelming" fertility, these places stand out strongly, check for yourself

2. Calculate your ovulation date

Girlfriends are advised to calculate date of ovulation and try to have sex within 1-2 days after ovulation, especially in morning. During this period, physical strength of men is relatively higher, and quality of sperm is lower. also relatively high and full of vitality, which can increase likelihood of conception under certain circumstances.

First, editor will present some fertility information here. If you still have different opinions, you can comment below at any time and we will read it carefully.