Is there a cure for poor egg quality? Please save this "cheat book"

The egg is an important condition for a woman in childbirth, so high quality eggs can make it easier for a woman to conceive and give birth to a healthy and intelligent baby, but if quality of egg is relatively low, it will encounter obstacles in fertilization process and will not be able to enter uterus, even if it will enter uterus for implantation, quality of embryos is still problematic, so we must first adjust quality of eggs. So, how to regulate quality of eggs?

The following are ways to regulate quality of eggs:

1. Give birth at your best childbearing age

Is there a cure for poor egg quality? Please save this "cheat book"

Many people don't understand impact of egg quality on too many people's health. Whether it is egg quality or sperm quality, it has a big impact on health of fetus. This cannot be ignored and importance of egg quality is even higher. In preparation for pregnancy, eggs should be well regulated, but after age of 30, quality of uterus and eggs will drop dramatically. In this case, their health can only be constantly adjusted.

2. Take less painkillers and keep your balls active

Women with menstruation have lower immunity. Studies have shown that among people aged 25-35, those who regularly take painkillers have 7% lower egg activity than those who do not take painkillers. This is due to fact that painkillers can depress nerves of brain, and long-term use will "disturb" nerve center, and rate of command to ovaries will be reduced, which will lead to a weakening of activity of eggs.

3. Timely introduction of supplements to provide eggs with nutrients

Is there a cure for poor egg quality? Please save this "cheat book"

Blood often contains a lot of iron. Women lose a lot of iron in their menstrual blood every month. The iron element may just provide enough nutrients for eggs. So if you want your eggs to be healthier, you need to eat more iron-rich foods like algae, black beans, and seafood in your daily diet to supplement your eggs' nutrients.

4. Keep a good mood and quality of eggs will be better

Women working in cities tend to live under more stress than other women. When stress persists or occurs frequently, body produces large amounts of “anxiety hormones,” which exacerbate stress. Excessive secretion of this hormone disrupts initial hormonal balance, leads to endocrine disorders, affects ovulatory ability of the ovaries. Thus, proper stress management during pregnancy can effectively ensure a successful pregnancy.

5. Train properly to raise high quality eggs

Is there a cure for poor egg quality? Please save this "cheat book"

Appropriate exercise can help women improve their fitness and ensure egg quality. Therefore, from very beginning of planning for birth of a child, husband and wife should exercise regularly. They can perform physical exercises suitable for their own physical condition according to their personal preferences, such as jogging, yoga, swimming, walking. etc. to improve ability of various parts of body, promote metabolism, and lay a good foundation for pregnancy.

The above are several ways to regulate egg quality. I hope they help everyone. If you are not pregnant, you can try above methods or go to a regular hospital for professional conditioning so you can announce your own baby's early pregnancy.