It turns out that disease can be judged by whites. Let's see how your whites look?

I believe that leucorrhea is not alien to women. It is a part of our body, and this substance usually appears when menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy approach, but in fact it has another function, which is to judge disease , which we can judge by color and character whether you suffer from gynecological diseases. So, let's see what diseases correspond to different vaginal discharge.

How to initially determine category of gynecological diseases by color of whiter

1. Colorless transparent sticky leucorrhoea

It turns out that disease can be judged by whites. Let's see how your whites look?

There is a kind of anomaly of leucorrhoea that is easy to ignore, that is, amount suddenly increases, and its properties are like egg whites or slightly cloudy. In addition to feeling back pain, there are several other symptoms. This type of leucorrhoea indicates chronic cervicitis or endocervical inflammation, which can also occur after use of estrogens.

2. Gray leucorrhoea

Bacterial infection with vaginosis can cause leucorrhea to turn gray in color and give off a strong fishy smell. This situation can easily affect normal work and life. It is recommended to go to hospital as soon as possible for diagnosis as soon as possible to find out what is cause. If it is caused by a bacterial infection, treat it with appropriate drugs and resolve problem as soon as possible.

3. Tofu-like whites

Some women will find that their leucorrhoea looks different than usual, that is, it is not egg white or white and sticky, but a feeling similar to remains of bean curd, often accompanied by symptoms of genital itching, cannot help but make you want to scratch. then you need to be vigilant, it can be a mold infection. Leucorrhea showing leftover bean curd is a health alarm given by body.

It turns out that disease can be judged by whites. Let's see how your whites look?

4. Purulent leucorrhea

The whites are yellow or green in color and have an unpleasant odor, which is most often caused by an infection of genital organs. Inflammatory exudate, pus cells, necrotic epithelial cells, etc., combined with action of bacteria, will cause this change in leucorrhoea, which can be Trichomonas vaginitis, chronic cervicitis, endometritis or intrauterine accumulation of pus, etc.

5. Bloody leucorrhoea

That is, blood is mixed with whites, which can be a malignant tumor, cervical cancer, cancer of body of uterus, etc. These leucorrhea can also appear with some benign lesions such as cervical polyps, submucosal fibroids, severe chronic cervicitis, and side effects caused by intrauterine device.

6. Yellow watery leucorrhea

It turns out that disease can be judged by whites. Let's see how your whites look?

The color is yellow, leucorrhoea is transparent, like water, amount is relatively large, underwear often gets wet, an unpleasant odor appears. This situation is often caused by degeneration and necrosis of affected tissue. It is very likely that this is cervical cancer, submucosal uterine fibroids, and other diseases.

If you find that your leucorrhoea has above characteristics, you should seek medical help in time, and you should not delay treatment, because this will cause more serious diseases and even lead to infertility, especially for girls who are preparing for pregnancy. , Can not be sloppy.