Attention! When egg is released, body quietly tells you

The same room at time of ovulation can greatly increase chance of pregnancy, but if you want to know exact time of ovulation, you must have regular periods. The law cannot be calculated by this method. In fact, according to some manifestations of ovulation, we can judge whether we have ovulated or not.

So what are views when eggs are released?

Manifestation 1. Bleeding symptoms

Attention! When egg is released, body quietly tells you

This is what we often refer to as ovulation bleeding because when a mature follicle bursts and ovulates on day of ovulation, there is a short-term drastic drop in estrogen levels in a woman's body. Estrogen cannot support normal growth of endometrium, resulting in shedding of endometrial surface and breakthrough bleeding, which is usually small and of short duration, which is normal.

Event 2: increased vaginal discharge

As ovulation approaches, for most women, vaginal discharge gradually increases and becomes thin and milky white. When it comes to ovulation, amount of secretions will increase significantly and they will be clear and transparent like water, in genitals you will feel wet and smooth, egg-shaped mucus will appear.

Manifestation 3. Pain in lower abdomen

Attention! When egg is released, body quietly tells you

When egg is released, follicle on surface of ovary ruptures, causing it to rupture or damage blood vessel on surface, and then follicular fluid or blood irritates peritoneum, causing sudden pain in women, so pregnant women will feel pain in lower abdomen.

Measure four, difference in basal body temperature

Basal body temperature (body temperature when you wake up in morning) in women during menstrual cycle is usually low, usually below 37°C, and is usually maintained at around 36.5°C. At beginning of ovulation, body temperature will drop slightly, after ovulation, body temperature will rise by about 0.5°C and will not decrease until onset of menstruation.

Fifth manifestation, strong sexual desire

Attention! When egg is released, body quietly tells you

Studies have shown that women's sexual desire during ovulation will be especially strong, which is a natural human reproductive instinct; sexual needs.

If you are ovulating with above characteristics, you may be about to ovulate. You should take advantage of this time and have sex as soon as possible so that you can get good pregnancy news next month. I also hope that your friends who are preparing for pregnancy will be able to hold baby as soon as possible.