The woman to whom aunt came for 3 days, or woman who came for 7 days, who will grow old faster

Aunt is like a kind sister of a woman. She comes here every month, but when she comes, she brings you not joy, but pain. Such anxiety, some women have aunts for 7 days, and some only come for 3 days. What is difference between them? Who will age faster?

Is there a difference between menstruating for 3 days and menstruating for 7 days? what is difference? The woman to whom aunt came for 3 days, or woman who came for 7 days, who will grow old faster

Generally speaking, a woman's period usually lasts 3 to 7 days. As long as it stays within this range, there is nothing to worry about. Some women do not know that during menstruation, one should pay attention to relevant taboos, due to which menstruation can last for many days, exceeding standard range. If you don't want to cause health problems, you need to adjust your bad habits. Others have physical problems and their own volume may be large or small and duration will be different. As long as menstruation remains regular and there are no significant changes in menstrual blood, this will have little effect on health.

For those who pass after 3 days of menstruation, this may explain problem, i.e. amount of menstrual blood is relatively small each time a period occurs. Sanitary pads are rarely used, and mostly there is not much menstrual blood on sanitary pads. Always been like that. Don't worry about health issues. This is fine. If your period ends after about three days this month, but ends after about seven days next month, or even longer, then it should not be taken seriously. Most likely a physical problem. Knowing about situation at an early stage will not make it worse. In particular, these kinds of repetitive situations should not be ignored.

The woman to whom aunt came for 3 days, or woman who came for 7 days, who will grow old faster

The same is true for people who menstruate for about 7 days. It is guaranteed to be regular. If menstrual blood volume does not change much, this is considered normal. I am afraid that there will be repeated changes, irregularity, and irregular cycles. The time of menstruation is different every time, and duration is also different, so you can’t relax, and you need to find out reason as soon as possible.

How can girlfriends keep their periods regular?

First of all, eat less spicy and stimulating foods, and avoid raw and cold foods during menstruation, which easily increase body moisture, cause qi stagnation and blood stasis, blood clots, and dysmenorrhea. Usually you can eat more longan, red dates and other foods, especially after winter, it is more appropriate for girlfriends to insist on drinking ginger and brown sugar tea every day.

Second, develop a regular work-life schedule and stay up late. Staying up for a long time will cause endocrine disruption and easily lead to irregular periods. Also, avoid prolonged sitting, especially during your period, and get up and move around frequently, which will help relieve dysmenorrhea.

The woman to whom aunt came for 3 days, or woman who came for 7 days, who will grow old faster

Finally, maintain a cheerful and optimistic mood. People's emotions have a big impact on health. If you are constantly in a tense and anxious mood, it will negatively affect your menstrual cycle and lead to menstrual irregularities. Therefore, you should learn how to regulate your emotions. You can usually do yoga, meditation, and other self-improvement and self-improvement exercises that are very helpful in calming emotions.