Women often do these six things, beware of destroying your womb

Young people are now paying more attention to their own health problems. As long as they feel uncomfortable, they will go to doctor in time. They bring many hidden dangers to body. Especially for women, if you do following six things frequently, it will seriously damage your uterus, so you should change them in time.

What can harm uterus?

1. Smoking

Women often do these six things, beware of destroying your womb

Women who smoke heavily for a long time have an 80% higher risk of developing cervical cancer than regular women. Women who are chronically exposed to secondhand smoke are also at a particularly high risk of developing cervical precancer. Therefore, if you want to better protect your uterus, you should stop smoking in time and stay away from second-hand and third-hand smoke. If people are smoking around, open windows for ventilation.

2. I often eat too cold food

Women are naturally afraid of cold, if they often eat cold food, body becomes colder, most obvious is uterus. With a cold uterus, women are prone to dysmenorrhea, and pregnancy rate in women of childbearing age will be lower. Therefore, women should try to avoid eating raw and cold foods such as watermelons, pears, mung beans, rock sugar, bitter gourd, etc.

3. Untreated gynecological inflammation in time

Some women believe that gynecological inflammation is a minor disease, so they do not transfer this kind of disease to their body, even if they are sick, they do not care. In fact, various gynecological inflammations, such as vaginitis, cervicitis, salpingitis and so on. If treatment is not started on time, pathogen will enter uterus through cervix and cause damage to uterus. In addition, if gynecological inflammation persists, it can activate carcinogenic factors and cause cancer. Therefore, gynecological diseases should be treated on time.

Women often do these six things, beware of destroying your womb

4. Non-compliance with personal hygiene

Usually, attention to hygiene of genital organs is very helpful in prevention of gynecological diseases, including diseases of uterus, so women should pay attention to personal hygiene, not only wash genitals with warm water every day, but also change your underwear often. underwear separated from other clothing to avoid cross infection.

5. Inappropriate abortion or multiple pregnancy

No matter what method of abortion is chosen, it will cause damage to body, and uterus is most vulnerable part of it. So you should do a good job of contraception and try not to have an abortion. Even if there is a need for an abortion, it must be performed in a regular hospital so that abortion process can be carried out under conditions of strict disinfection and aseptic technology. In addition, multiple pregnancies can also damage uterus.

6. Caesarean section

Women often do these six things, beware of destroying your womb

Caesarean section is commonly used to treat difficult labor and dystocia, which can help mother deliver fetus painlessly and keep her safe. However, caesarean section is more harmful to human body, especially to uterus. This is also reason why women with caesarean sections are prone to uterine rupture during repeated pregnancies. Therefore, it is better to give birth naturally if possible.

The above are a few of things that hurt uterus. I think everyone remembers this. If you are still doing one or two of them, you should change them in time. Don't tire your body just for a moment's pleasure. Relax, get up early, go to bed early and eat regularly - this is a healthy lifestyle.