These are main reasons for "declining birth rate".

Every woman of childbearing age has fertility, but strength of fertility depends on her own situation. Some women are very fertile, so having children is very easy, and some women are relatively weak, so if you want to get pregnant smoothly, it is more difficult. But some factors will lead to a decrease in birth rate in women, so we need to pay attention to it. So, what are main reasons for decline in birth rate? Let's understand.

Several reasons for reduced fertility:

1. Age

These are main reasons for "declining birth rate".

The best childbearing age for a woman is between 23 and 30 years old. At this stage, woman's reproductive system is very good and recovery from childbirth is relatively fast, but if woman is over 35 years old, women's fertility will be lost. The decline is mainly due to continuous decline in ovarian function, including a decrease in number and quality of follicles, especially risk of advanced age of mother is very high, so you should have a baby as early as possible.

2. Premature ovarian failure

As we all know, ovaries shrink with age. It is also a relatively common reproductive disorder in clinical practice that seriously affects women's fertility. Moreover, number of young women suffering from premature ovarian failure is gradually increasing. This is due to factors such as bad habits or genetics.

3. Environmental factors

These are main reasons for "declining birth rate".

Including occupational risk factors and endocrine factors. Associated risk factors are common: industrial gases, chemicals, anticancer drugs, heavy metals and solvents, etc. Endocrine factors refer to exogenous chemicals and mixtures that disrupt function of endocrine system.

4. Social factors

More and more women are putting off family planning due to some social factors such as occupation, economics, educational level and personal reasons. On other hand, due to different concepts, many women do not pay attention to contraception, thinking that after pregnancy they can choose an induced abortion or even multiple induced abortions, which, if handled incorrectly, can lead to pregnancy difficulties.

5. Other factors

These are main reasons for "declining birth rate".

An unhealthy lifestyle and excessive psychological pressure will affect fertility. Unhealthy lifestyles include: smoking, alcoholism, irregular meals, malnutrition or overeating. Negative emotions such as mental stress, anxiety and depression caused by excessive psychological pressure often affect female fertility.

The above are some of causes of reduced fertility. I think everyone understands this. If you have not conceived for more than one year, you should go to a regular hospital in time for treatment. Depending on specific situation, draw up a treatment plan so that you can get pregnant as soon as possible.