If a woman has these 5 "signals", it is difficult for her to conceive a child

For pregnant women, opportunity to give birth to their children as soon as possible is greatest gift from God, but not all pregnant women are so lucky. Some women are born with infertility, so it is difficult to conceive a child while expecting a child, most infertility constitutions will have following signals Let's take a closer look at characteristics of infertility constitutions.

If a woman has these signals, it is difficult for her to conceive a child.

Signal one, history of appendicitis

If a woman has these 5 "signals", it is difficult for her to conceive a child

Many women don't know that appendicitis can easily cause ectopic pregnancy in women, and perforation of appendicitis can also cause tubal infarction, which in turn leads to infertility in women. So this issue should get everyone's attention. Before giving birth, go to hospital for a good examination.

Signal 2: Abdominal pain after multiple abortions

Every miscarriage affects a woman's uterus and can also affect lining of uterus, making it difficult for a fertilized egg to implant. Secondly, after an abortion, it is easy to become infected, which will lead to gynecological inflammation, which will affect sperm motility and survival time. All this reduces frequency of pregnancy. Therefore, after multiple miscarriages after a period of rest, there will still be unexplained abdominal pain, so be vigilant.

Third signal: unexplained abnormal obesity

If a woman has these 5 "signals", it is difficult for her to conceive a child

A person's body weight largely depends on endocrine function of body. Female endocrine dysfunction, body may tend to become obese, which affects ovulation, leading to infertility. Therefore, women who are infertile for this reason can return to a normal sexual life and conceive a child only when they control their weight and do not allow him to gain weight.

Signal four: unexplained bleeding, dysmenorrhea

When a woman discovers that she has abnormal bleeding, dysmenorrhea, intermittent rectal and anal edema, and other clinical manifestations accompanied by pain reactions such as lower back pain, she should consider whether she is suffering from endometriosis. This disease can lead to infertility in 75% of women, so you need to go to hospital as soon as possible for treatment.

Signal five, unexplained coughing and breathing, systemic symptoms

If a woman has these 5 "signals", it is difficult for her to conceive a child

The primary focus of endometrial tuberculosis is pulmonary tuberculosis, followed by peritoneal tuberculosis. Peritoneal tuberculosis penetrates fallopian tube and then spreads to endometrium, leading to infertility. Severe cases of this disease have obvious symptoms, in addition to genital involvement, they are also accompanied by systemic symptoms, so they should be actively prevented and treated. Considering pregnancy factors, women suffering from this disease are advised to use traditional Chinese medicine treatment to reduce side effects.

If you also have above symptoms, you should go to a regular hospital in time for examination and treatment, and strive to conceive a child at best childbearing age, which is the best choice not only for you, but also for your baby.