If you do 5 things frequently, your ovaries will become vulnerable and there is still time to change that.

As most important reproductive system of a woman, ovaries not only allow women to have good fertility, but also make women forever young and beautiful, but if our ovaries are damaged due to any behavior, it will seriously affect women's health. body, such as skin aging, fertility decline, etc., so women should do a good job of maintaining ovaries in a timely manner. So, what behavior can seriously damage ovaries?

What behavior can harm the ovaries?

1. Severe mood swings

If you do 5 things frequently, your ovaries will become vulnerable and there is still time to change that.

Ovarian damage is also associated with frequent mood swings. Many people often get angry because of personal reasons. In addition, they are sensitive and suspicious, prone to anxiety and tension. However, these bad attitudes and negative emotions can cause endocrine disruption and even reduce organ function. Some people experience changes in hormone secretion, which in turn affects health of ovaries, which is associated with insufficient emotional control. So release pressure in time and keep a good attitude.

2. Wrong diet

The reason for fragility of ovaries is associated with malnutrition in everyday life. If you eat too much fried, grilled, pickled food, etc., your excretion load will increase, but if proper dietary habits are not mastered and nutritional requirements are not followed, your resistance can be reduced and even accelerated. your aging. It can be seen that proper nutrition should be used to maintain ovaries.

3. Stay up late often

The human body needs seven to eight hours of sleep every day, so it's best to fall asleep on time before 11 a.m., keep your body clock stable through regular work and rest, and regulate your endocrine system at same time. time, so that ovarian function can be strengthened after rest, which has a beneficial effect on estrogen secretion, maintain a healthy state. If you continue to stay up late and lack sleep every day, in addition to lowering resistance and accelerating aging, you will also experience poor mental health.

If you do 5 things frequently, your ovaries will become vulnerable and there is still time to change that.

4. Lack of exercise

No physical exercise improves ovarian function. The normal functioning of main organs is closely related to whether we adhere to good habits in life. If you can control your weight, get enough exercise every day, increase blood circulation throughout your body after exercise, and maintain a good metabolism, you can supply blood and nutrients to your organs and keep you young and energized.

5. Tobacco and alcohol are always at hand

In some women, ovaries are damaged by smoking and drinking alcohol. They adopt bad habits. Ingestion of harmful substances can cause harm and function of vital organs will be reduced. If you want to keep your ovaries young and functioning properly, you must stop smoking and drinking, otherwise intake of tar and nicotine while smoking will increase prevalence of lung diseases, and excessive alcohol consumption will cause degeneration and necrosis of liver cells. It is also necessary to increase resistance by quitting smoking and drinking, and at same time take care of ovaries.

How to save the ovaries?

1. Get rid of bad habits in a timely manner and add nutrients. This includes, but is not limited to, smoking cessation and limiting alcohol intake, supplementation with vitamin E and soy products, early bedtime and early rising, etc., and eating fewer foods that are high in cholesterol, oil, and fat in your daily diet , and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, foods rich in curcumin, folic acid, etc.

If you do 5 things frequently, your ovaries will become vulnerable and there is still time to change that.

3. Keep exercising and keep a good mood. You can choose yoga, swimming, and other exercises to boost immunity, relieve physical and mental stress, and support your ovaries.

4. Regular medical examination. Women over 45 years of age, especially those with a positive family history, should undergo a pelvic exam or V-ultrasound once a year, pay attention to changes in menstrual cycle, and seek medical attention in a timely manner for irregular periods in order to identify diseases at an early stage, diagnose and treat them early.

The above content is an introduction to some of behaviors that damage ovaries and how to save ovaries. I hope this can help everyone. If your ovary is damaged but you are still planning to have a baby, you should get pregnant. as soon as possible and treat it as soon as possible. , doctor will treat according to your specific situation.