Obviously fertilization, why did implantation fail? Many people don't know these reasons.

Pregnancy is a miracle. During whole process from fusion of sperm and egg to implantation of embryo, pregnant women need to be careful. However, there are still many pregnant mothers who have already been fertilized, but not at last stage. Yes, implantation failed, what is happening?Today editor will invite a large number of girlfriends to see it.

The process of implantation of a fertilized egg: Obviously fertilization, why did implantation fail? Many people don't know these reasons.

Implantation of a fertilized egg usually does not have obvious symptoms in body. As cilia of fallopian tube and its own peristalsis advance, it gradually moves into uterine cavity, undergoes division and development and tries to swim Changes in body, such as nausea, light bleeding, fatigue and frequent urination, occur only after removal of mucous membrane.

In general, implantation of a fertilized egg takes about 6-7 days. At that time, a fertilized egg was very small and invisible to B-ultrasound, but changes in hormones in body can be detected in blood. HCG It takes about 20-30 days to see a tiny gestational sac with a B-ultrasound.

Why does implantation fail after fertilization? There are several reasons:

1. The embryo itself is defective

In many cases, healthiest sperm is always fertilized by egg, but in some special cases, some abnormal sperm will fertilize egg first, sometimes because after egg is fertilized by one sperm, second sperm also fertilizes same sperm. One egg combines and resulting fertilized egg has a birth defect. Therefore, before pregnancy, both the husband and wife must check if their chromosomes are abnormal so that a healthy fertilized egg can implant unhindered.

Obviously fertilization, why did implantation fail? Many people don't know these reasons.

2. Female endocrine disorders

Some women have a normal sex life for many years after marriage, but there is no hope of pregnancy. This is likely due to insufficient function of corpus luteum of ovaries, insufficient secretion of progesterone and abnormal endometrium, which affect implantation of fertilized eggs. So, women with long-term infertility do six tests for hormones.

The six-point hormone test is most commonly used test for endocrine function in men and women. By measuring level of sex hormones, it is possible to understand diseases associated with endocrine disorders in time. The results of six sex hormone tests can, to some extent, reflect whether female endocrine system is disrupted and whether ovarian ovulation is normal.

3. Uterine factors

Uterine anomalies, submucosal uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, intrauterine adhesions, endometrial tuberculosis, etc. affect implantation of fertilized eggs.

Therefore, if pregnant women want to conceive smoothly, they can undergo a hysteroscopy for appropriate treatment. Hysteroscopy can directly check intrauterine diseases, as well as quickly and accurately diagnose most intrauterine diseases. With help of hysteroscopy, you can check cervical canal, uterine cavity and bilateral openings of fallopian tubes to find out reasons that prevent implantation of fertilized eggs. At same time, hysteroscopy can be used to perform related operations on uterus, reducing physical damage and psychological trauma of pregnant women.

4. Immune factors

Obviously fertilization, why did implantation fail? Many people don't know these reasons.

For women, sperm and seminal plasma of men are obviously foreign bodies. But under normal conditions, women do not produce antisperm antibodies. Antibodies are produced in women's serum and cervical mucus only under certain circumstances, such as inflammation and damage to female genital tract. At this time, female reproductive tract, especially macrophages in uterus, will elicit an immune response and "self-defense" will inactivate, agglutinate or kill spermatozoa that have entered cervix.

Due to description in above article, I believe that everyone has some understanding of implantation failure if you have already been fertilized. However, implantation failed, which may be caused by above factors. You should go to a regular hospital in time for treatment, and early treatment may lead to early pregnancy.