In women with a "clean" uterus, these 5 changes, how many do you have?

The uterus is a very important reproductive organ of a woman. She can not only give birth to a healthy and intelligent child, but also maintain regularity of menstruation and improve health of a woman. However, with a change in lifestyle, some lifestyles of many people are harmful, getting into uterus, causing various gynecological diseases. So, what are changes in women with a “clean” uterus?

Women with a clean uterus experience following 5 changes

First change: no dysmenorrhea

In women with a "clean" uterus, these 5 changes, how many do you have?

The results of clinical studies show that causes of dysmenorrhea are very complex, such as gynecological inflammation or a cold in abdomen, but no matter which factor is affected, it means that uterus is unhealthy. On contrary, if there is no pain in lower abdomen during menstruation, then menstrual blood in uterus flows smoothly.

Change 2: menstrual color is normal

Probably all friends know that color of menstrual blood released from a healthy uterus is dark red. The main reason lies in composition of menstrual blood, including blood and debris of endometrium. If menstrual blood is too dark or bright red, uterus may be cold or bacteria and viruses are multiplying and causing inflammation.

Change 3. Stable menstrual cycle

In women with a "clean" uterus, these 5 changes, how many do you have?

As name suggests, every woman gets her period once a month, but due to individual differences, menstruation may vary throughout week. Also, generally speaking, a woman's menstrual cycle lasts three to five days, which is a sign of a relatively healthy uterus. However, if menstruation is very irregular and delayed by more than ten days, it must be considered whether it is due to uterine hypoplasia or endometrial damage.

Change 4: warm hands and feet

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that women are yin and it is inevitable that their hands and feet will be cold during normal times. However, if they add clothing or go to a warm place, they will get better. However, if temperature of living environment is suitable, there will still be cold hands and feet, which is mainly due to excessive cold in uterus and stagnation of qi and blood. If left untreated, abnormal menstrual cycles, dysmenorrhea, and even infertility can follow. On contrary, if your hands and feet are warm all year round, this may also indicate that uterus is somewhat clean.

Change 5: Looking good

In women with a "clean" uterus, these 5 changes, how many do you have?

From a medical point of view, we can say that uterus is organ that controls female hormones. It is not only directly related to pregnancy and fetal menstruation, but is also source of femininity. As soon as uterus becomes cold or inflamed, its function decreases, which not only affects menstrual cycle, but can also be accompanied by skin aging, chloasma, acne, or loose skin on face. On contrary, skin is tender and elastic, which indicates that uterus is clean.

If you have all of above, congratulations, your uterus is very healthy, but if not, there may be more "toxins" in uterus and you need to go to a regular hospital for a "cleansing". A healthy uterus can give birth to a healthy baby, so girls should take care of their uterus.