How to make follicular hypoplasia? This makes your follicles bigger and rounder.

The two key factors that make it possible for a woman to get pregnant are eggs and sperm. Only when they are combined and successfully implanted can she be truly pregnant. The place where eggs are produced is our follicles. Only when follicles mature and rupture can they produce quality sperm. If follicle is not fully developed, it will not rupture and egg will not be released. So, what to do if follicles are underdeveloped, how to make follicles large and round, let's figure it out.

What are quality follicles

1. "Big"

How to make follicular hypoplasia? This makes your follicles bigger and rounder.

Quality follicles usually have a diameter of 18-28 mm, plump, round or oval, thin and transparent inner wall. These "good follicles" are easier to conceive after ovulation.

However, more follicles, better. Some follicles mature but do not rupture and follicles continue to grow. When they grow to 30-40 mm, they lose ability to ovulate and become luteinized, which is also an abnormal situation.

2. "Circle"

Follicles are like seeds, they are better if they are full and round. If difference between two follicle diameters is ≥ 3 mm, it is called a squamous follicle. For example, B-ultrasound shows 15 mm × 20 mm (except for compression and angular errors during ovulation). This indicates that quality of follicles is not good.

3. "Independence"

Some people think that if many follicles develop at same time, can they conceive multiple children? Isn't that wonderful?

In fact, if multiple follicles develop at same time on same side of ovary, but there is no clear dominant follicle, it may be caused by endocrine disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome. This situation over time will lead to fact that none of follicles become large or grow well, and ovulation and normal conception are difficult.

It can make your follicles bigger and rounder.

1. Determine cause and prescribe correct remedy

How to make follicular hypoplasia? This makes your follicles bigger and rounder.

Follicular dysplasia, small follicles, unruptured follicles, etc. All of them are manifestations of follicular dysplasia, which can be caused by diseases such as pituitary adenoma, hyperprolactinemia, etc. Ovarian factors: congenital ovarian hypoplasia, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian failure, etc. Dysfunction of thyroid gland and adrenal cortex, such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, can cause follicular dysplasia.

Therefore, when a woman discovers that her follicles are dysplasia, she should go to reproductive medicine department of a general hospital in order to determine cause in time and treat symptoms accordingly.

2. Relax

When load on a woman's work and life is too high, it can lead to endocrine disorders, which indirectly leads to follicular dysplasia. Therefore, during pregnancy, she should relax, arrange a planned trip to go out to rest, listen to relaxing music, read interesting and lively books, communicate more with doctors and friends to relieve tension or pressure.

3. Lead a healthy lifestyle and relax

How to make follicular hypoplasia? This makes your follicles bigger and rounder.

The diet is low in sugar, low in salt and low in fat. Cold, spicy and irritating foods should be avoided as much as possible. You should eat more warm and tonic foods so as not to affect development of follicles, in addition, you should regularly exercise, strengthen your physique, reduce passive smoking. In addition, it is very important to maintain a harmonious and regular sex life.

The above is appropriate introduction of follicular hypoplasia. If your follicles are too small to conceive, you should go to a regular hospital in time for treatment. The doctor will formulate a treatment plan according to your own situation so that you can have your baby as soon as possible.