Are the fallopian tubes clogged?

The female body has a special system - reproductive system. There are several reproductive organs in this reproductive system. This is also a very important organ. But due to many factors, fallopian tubes are always obstructed, so how can you tell if a fallopian tube is blocked?

If fallopian tubes are blocked, following three things usually happen:

Phenomenon 1. Secretly, black blood streaks appear during ovulation

Are the fallopian tubes clogged?

After women enter period of ovulation, they will have some special reactions, and discharge will increase and appear transparent and silky, which means that ovulation is about to occur and there are no abnormalities in body. But if you find that your discharge is opaque at time of ovulation and there is some black blood in it, it is possible that fallopian tubes are blocked or fallopian tubes are not smooth, which will affect your rate of conception, so see a doctor. attention promptly.

Phenomenon 2 discovered, pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, vaginitis, etc.

When going to hospital to check for gynecological diseases and detecting pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, vaginitis and other gynecological diseases, one should not be careless. Pregnancy, severe or even not pregnant for a long time, causes a feeling of depression. Therefore, if you have been trying to conceive for a year and have not conceived, you should check for problems with fallopian tubes.

Are the fallopian tubes clogged?

Phenomena 3: I wasn't pregnant after my miscarriage

Many pregnant women never conceive after a miscarriage, which can also be caused by blocked fallopian tubes or poor conditions affecting a woman's conception.

Can blocked fallopian tubes be cured? Are the fallopian tubes clogged?

As we all know, blocked fallopian tubes affect course of pregnancy in women, so if you want to get pregnant as soon as possible, you must treat it on time. But if you want to know if it can be cured, you should first look at severity of blocked fallopian tubes. If fallopian tubes are not smooth or fallopian tubes are blocked, such conditions can be treated and will not affect a woman's pregnancy. However, if fallopian tubes are severely blocked, treatment will be more difficult, and even if cured, chances of pregnancy will be relatively low.

Therefore, when you find that you have above conditions, you should seek medical attention in time so that early detection and early treatment can be achieved, and likelihood of childbirth has increased. .