4 Factors Women Easily Overlook Is Ovarian Pain, The Second Factor You Still Do

If a woman wants to have a baby, function of ovary must be healthy. If ovary suddenly descends, it will affect woman's normal conception. But in today's fast-paced society, pressures of life and work make people suffocate, which creates an unhealthy condition, and women's ovaries are more prone to injury. So, today I will talk about 4 factors that make it easy to damage ovary and see if you do it.

4 factors that make it easy to damage the ovary

Factor 1 - Weakened immune function

4 Factors Women Easily Overlook Is Ovarian Pain, The Second Factor You Still Do

Most patients with premature ovarian failure have a combination of various autoimmune or endocrine diseases, such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis, diabetes, and myasthenia gravis. In addition, premature ovarian failure also has certain genetic factors, and age of menopause in child is almost same as age of menopause in mother.

The second factor is related to environment

In order to satisfy their first needs, young people these days will smoke and drink, lose weight excessively, stay up late, etc., but they do not know that these bad behaviors will seriously affect endocrine balance in body, and also change tissue of ovary, which will cause premature ovarian failure. In addition, if a large amount of radiation enters environment, this will also lead to excessive ovarian recession. So it is time to get rid of these bad habits.

Third factor, partial surgery or drug use, etc.

Some gynecological surgeries or medical treatments in life can also damage ovaries. For example, after hysterectomy, oophorectomy, tubal ligation, endometriosis, fallopian tube surgery, etc., they cause certain damage to ovaries, thereby causing premature ovarian failure, and some chemotherapy drugs can also cause premature ovarian failure.

4 Factors Women Easily Overlook Is Ovarian Pain, The Second Factor You Still Do

The fourth factor, microbial contamination

When microbes enter ovary, it causes ovarian inflammation, fibrosis, and eventually premature ovarian failure. Studies have shown that 60% of young girls with mumps will have viral oophoritis, which is only a slow and continuous process.

How to prevent premature ovarian recession?

1. Diet and recuperation

Pay attention to diversity of diet, adjust structure of diet, ensure a balanced intake of nutrients and maintain a normal reproductive system. Eat more high-quality protein rich in B vitamins and foods rich in folic acid. Green leafy vegetables, fish and seafood, cruciferous vegetables, mushrooms, animal liver, eggs, milk and legumes are recommended. Keep a light diet, avoid salty, sweet, spicy, three meals a day and avoid overeating.

2. Participate in more recreational activities

More outdoor activities can not only improve cardiopulmonary function and fitness, but also maintain vitality of reproductive organs, keep various organs and systems in a coordinated and healthy state, so as not to damage endocrine system and nervous system, thereby slowing down ovarian aging.

4 Factors Women Easily Overlook Is Ovarian Pain, The Second Factor You Still Do

3. Lead a normal life

A harmonious and regular sexual life can stimulate secretion of hormones. During sex, women can release a lot of hormones, increase vaginal secretion, keep vagina lubricated, and maintain female secondary sexual characteristics. In addition, it can also promote breast development, stimulate prolactin secretion, and reduce dysmenorrhea.

The ovary is an important organ for female fertility. Whether or not there is a need for fertility, you should take good care of your ovary, because it is not only associated with fertility problems, but also with women's skin problems. Therefore, early detection and early treatment can make ovaries healthier.