It is impossible to get pregnant for a long time, “fallopian tubes” are blocked on way to pregnancy.

People can express their temper, but did you know? The path of a woman's pregnancy is fallopian tubes, it is also very hardened, although it cannot name you in a few words, but it can damage your body, directly harm you. Especially when you want a baby, there's nothing you can do. His way of getting angry is to block himself, which will affect conception. What situations can block our "road of pregnancy"?

Because of her, road of pregnancy is blocked, stop her!

part 1. Sedentary women

More and more women are sitting in office. Their biggest feature is that they can sit for eight hours in a row, and some of them do not drink water so as not to go to toilet. . But YOU until? A long sedentary lifestyle will not block return of pelvic veins, leading to too much congestion, which will cause blockage of fallopian tubes. Here, editor suggests that girls who are sitting in office work out every hour, or they can exercise after finishing work.

part 2. Multiple abortions due to lack of contraception

In today's society, people's minds are becoming more and more open, but girls still have to protect themselves. Especially in love-love issue, remember to protect your body to satisfy your boyfriend or yourself. This will make it easy to get pregnant by accident, and multiple miscarriages will block your fallopian tubes and affect your health. Pregnant.

part 3. Women who like to stay up late

Due to epidemic, pressure of many people has only increased. When they want to rest, they can only choose after they leave work. In girls, the fallopian tubes will be blocked, making it impossible to conceive. Therefore, it is best to go to bed before 11 o'clock.

Part 4. Neglect of hygiene during menstruation

I think all ladies and sisters know that every time we get our period, our resistance is at its worst, so it's easy to get infected from outside world. If we do not pay attention to personal hygiene, this will be more likely. The induced "piping" is blocked, so frequent sanitary pad changes and underwear washing are a must.

Despite presence of two fallopian tubes, if one of them is blocked, hope of childbirth is reduced. If pregnancy is long, both tubes may be blocked, which is not good. Therefore, editor recommends that everyone immediately go to hospital when fallopian tubes are blocked. Regardless of which method is used, as long as "fallopian tubes" can be opened, fertility can be guaranteed and childbirth will be easier.