After preparing for pregnancy and ovulation, do not play with urine every day, these pregnancy symptoms are very accurate.

I believe that all women who are preparing for pregnancy want to welcome news of a good pregnancy after intercourse with each other, so during week after ovulation they will take a pregnancy test again and again. There are bars and bars but some people can't check it out. In fact, if you want to know if you are pregnant, sometimes a pregnancy test is not very accurate. We can use these symptoms to determine if you are pregnant or not.

What symptoms prove pregnancy?

1. Feeling bloated

If you didn't come to your aunt's but feel bloated, this may be accompanied by a little bleeding, don't panic, it's because a blood vessel was accidentally punctured when a fertilized egg took root in endometrium.

2. Get sleepy

Always sleepy and always asleep, this is caused by body secreting a large amount of progesterone, which can protect baby in endometrium, but at same time makes your body fall and you cannot sleep.

3. Body temperature rises slightly

No more competing with your husband for a blanket... If you feel that your palms or eyelids are a little hotter than usual, and this feeling does not subside, then there is a high probability that you are pregnant. The body temperature in normal people is about 36 degrees, and in pregnant women it is usually about 37 degrees, this state persists after pregnancy until end of pregnancy.

4. Breasts are like swollen soft bread

When body knows that you are pregnant, it will produce a lot of hormones, and hormones will cause changes in your breasts, and there will be a little pain and tingling. This feeling will pass as body adapts. , is not it? Second development~

5. Began to go to toilet often

Yes! It's hormones over and over again, this time hormone chorionic gonadotropin, and they stimulate your bladder and make you feel like you're constantly urinating, but it's just frequency of urination That's it~

If 3 of above five symptoms appear, it means that you are pregnant and you should immediately go to hospital for an examination. Do not think that everything will be fine during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you should also be careful and pay more attention to rest, especially first three months after pregnancy is a dangerous period. If you want your baby to go through difficulties, you must be more careful.