When you come to your aunt, if you have these four manifestations, congratulations, your uterus is very clean

The uterus is very important for women. This is an important place for birth of a new life for women. It also gives women right to want to be a mother. A healthy uterus is also associated with beauty. If uterus is not healthy, woman's skin will be damaged. Therefore, many women will protect their uterus from harm. If you have these five manifestations when you visit your aunt, it means that your womb is very clean.

What are manifestations of a pure uterus?

Appearance 1: Menstruation arrived on time

Menstruation is a barometer of women's health, with which we can find out if our body and uterus are healthy. If menstruation is on time and regularly every year, then uterus is very healthy. Why do you say that? First, menstrual cramps and uterus are closely related. When endometrium falls off, there will be periods. But if uterus is damaged and endometrium cannot fall off, then there will be no menstruation. This will lead to other gynecological diseases.

Manifestation 2: no dysmenorrhea during menstruation

Most women experience dysmenorrhea during their period, and its severity varies. If you don't have painful periods during your period, your uterus is probably healthy. Dysmenorrhea is mainly caused by poor menstrual flow, so uterus is also unhealthy during this time.

Meaning 3. Mild body pain disappears quickly

Before menstruation, many women experience arching pain in chest and lower abdomen. This is normal. If these symptoms disappear after menstruation, then uterus is in perfect order. Do not worry or be afraid because of pain in certain parts of body before menstruation. These mild pains before menstruation are caused by hormonal changes in body, which is a completely natural physiological phenomenon.

Fourth manifestation: increased secretion

If there is an increase in discharge before menstruation, you should not worry too much, this is not a sign before disease, but a normal physiological phenomenon. This is due to fact that before onset of menstruation, pelvic cavity is in a state of hyperemia, as a result of which there will be increased discharge, which will disappear when menstruation ends.

The above are four symptoms of a healthy uterus. If you also have above symptoms, it means that your uterus is very healthy and clean. If there is a problem with your uterus, you should go to a regular hospital for a Timely examination to clarify cause under heading Targeted treatment in order to restore health of uterus as soon as possible.