Premature ovarian failure is not terrible, these methods will help you get pregnant as quickly as possible

When many patients hear that they suffer from premature ovarian failure, first question is to ask doctor if they can conceive a child. This is a very realistic question. Because once ovaries fail prematurely, they cannot recover, so this is also a problem that worries many patients more. So, can you still get pregnant with premature ovarian failure? Today I will teach you a few ways to help you conceive, in hope of helping you.

What are causes of premature ovarian failure?

First, stay up for a long time

All kinds of hormones needed by human body are intensely secreted at night. If you often go to bed late, this will lead to a change in hormonal environment in your body. If girlfriends do not go to bed for a long time, this will also lead to an imbalance in estrogen secretion and ovarian dysfunction. People who stay up late for long periods of time and lack sleep are more likely to increase their risk of medical illness and even cause premature ovarian failure and early amenorrhea. Therefore, women do not want to accelerate aging, so they should go into deep sleep before 11 pm.

Second, excessive diet

Weight loss is a must for many women. Many women are clearly not fat, but still trying to lose weight. In fact, there are many ways to lose weight, and some women lose weight through diet. Dieting will not necessarily lead to weight loss, and will also affect level of hormones in body and even cause menstrual irregularities and endocrine disorders.

Long-term intake of inadequate amounts of nutrients can also lead to insufficient amounts of nutrients needed by body. Long-term use will affect hormone secretion and affect ovaries, thyroid and other organs, so scientific weight loss is more beneficial to health.

Third, a sedentary lifestyle

For work, many women often sit in front of office in front of computer all day, and when they come home, they have to do household chores and look after children, so they do not have time to exercise. . However, if you do not exercise for a long time, it is likely to cause uterine damage, and can also cause chronic adnexitis. If you sit for a long time, it will cause menstrual blood to flow back to ovary and cause abdominal pain to decrease.

How can premature ovarian failure be pregnant?

1. The most important thing is regularity of work and rest, normal nutrition. Staying up late and not getting enough sleep can harm body, including ovaries. In terms of diet, you can eat more ovarian friendly foods such as apples, strawberries, pears, bananas, hawthorn, carrots, etc.;

2. Pay attention to calcium supplements. In addition to getting calcium from your diet, you can also take calcium tablets under direction of your doctor. The results of survey showed that people who ate foods high in calcium every day reduced incidence of ovarian cancer by 46% compared to those who did not consume enough calcium.

3. Regulate your emotions and know how to relieve stress. Women are prone to sentimentality and worry too much about what is not good for their health, and they should treat life's difficulties and hardships with a correct and sunny attitude. Cheerful, optimistic and strong women will naturally have a much better body than chronically depressed women.

4. Actively cooperate with treatment. When you have severe premature ovarian failure, if you want to get pregnant, you must undergo a course of treatment. The doctor will formulate a treatment plan suitable for you according to your specific situation, so that you can get pregnant faster, but you must actively cooperate with treatment, do not give up halfway, otherwise all previous efforts will be wasted.

The above is cause and improvement of premature ovarian failure, I hope it can help everyone. Premature ovarian failure is irreversible. Therefore, if you want your ovaries to be healthy, you must support them from an early age and insist on not doing anything that could harm your ovaries. This will prevent premature ovarian failure and make pregnancy easier.