Did you know that lazy women are more prone to premature ovarian failure?

Perhaps many women will not be able to calm down after reading this headline. Indeed, there are more and more lazy people in our time. Both men and women want to feel comfortable and calm, but their bodies cannot stand such “comfort” at all. Many people suffer from various gynecological diseases due to laziness, ovarian diseases and premature birth. failure is a relatively common condition. So, how can we prevent premature ovarian failure? Let's take a look together.

What factors can lead to premature ovarian failure in women?

Reason 1: sedentary lifestyle

Did you know that lazy women are more prone to premature ovarian failure?

For modern women, prolonged sitting leads to "ovarian hypoxia" and becomes an important factor in damaging ovaries. Improper sitting posture for a long time can cause chronic adnexitis, leading to ascending infection and spread of pathogens through vagina, and then affecting entire pelvic cavity. For those women who already have excessive anteversion or retroflexion of uterus, prolonged sitting can also cause menstrual blood to flow back into ovaries, causing lower abdominal pain and other problems.

Reason 2: Excessive weight loss

Obesity affects people's health, and its harm should not be underestimated. Modern people regard thinness as beauty. “Holding moon and swimming with your foot around your waist” is ultimate dream of many girls. In order to have a "thin waist", many people began to lose weight excessively, which led to malnutrition, which greatly disrupted normal metabolism in our body, resulting in an insufficient amount of protein for synthesis of female estrogens, causing endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, amenorrhea and other symptoms, as well as further suppression of ovarian ovulation.

Reason Three: Staying up late

The secretion of various hormones needed by women is most active at night. If women often stay up late and lack sleep for a long time, it will cause great changes in hormonal environment in body, leading to premature ovarian failure. Get enough sleep.

Did you know that lazy women are more prone to premature ovarian failure?

Reason 4: Smoking

Nicotine, cadmium and other substances in cigarettes are extremely harmful to female ovaries, reduce number of mature oocytes, and specifically inhibit aromatase in process of estrogen synthesis in ovaries, which leads to a decrease in estrogen levels, leading to irregular menstruation or even amenorrhea.

How to prevent premature ovarian failure?

1. Give up laziness and exercise every day

To prevent premature ovarian failure, female friends should develop good exercise habits in their daily lives. Proper exercise every day can not only reduce premature ovarian failure, but also benefit physical and mental health and boost immunity. Therefore, proper physical exercises every day are very important for women's health.

Did you know that lazy women are more prone to premature ovarian failure?

2. Maintain good living habits

At present, many women choose to breastfeed with powdered milk in order to recover as quickly as possible after childbirth. It is well known that artificial feeding can lead to premature ovarian failure in women. Therefore, in order to avoid premature ovarian failure, you should switch to breastfeeding as often as possible, which is not only good for baby's health, but can also effectively prevent premature ovarian failure.

The above are some factors and measures to prevent premature ovarian failure. I hope this can help most patients. Maintaining ovaries is a must for every woman. If you do not pay attention to maintenance of ovaries, you will experience premature ovarian failure.