Does vaginal discharge indicate ovulation or not? depends on specific situation

As we all know, there will be many symptoms during ovulation, among which most obvious manifestation is stretching of ovulation, so many women will think that while leucorrhea is stretching, this means that they are about to ovulate, so they will prepare for "communication ", but a week later I found out that my aunt had come, and I was very puzzled. Does vaginal discharge equate to ovulation? Let's talk about details today.

Causes of pulling pain with whites Does vaginal discharge indicate ovulation or not? depends on specific situation

The main component of leukorrhea is cervical mucus, and its appearance is associated with estrogen in body. With continuous development of follicles, level of estrogens in body increases every month, which contributes to proliferation of epithelial cells in cervical glands, secretion of cervical mucus increases, and content of sodium chloride in mucus, which can absorb more water, increases. Since estrogen peaks before ovulation, leucorrhea becomes clear, smooth and elastic when it is close to ovulation, like egg white, with high ductility and does not break easily, which facilitates passage of sperm.

After ovulation, level of progesterone in body gradually increases. Progesterone can close cervix and promote excretion of water and sodium. Therefore, after ovulation, mucus secretion decreases, and leucorrhea becomes thicker due to a decrease in amount of water.

Is it ovulation or not if there is leucorrhoea?

Distracted leucorrhea does not necessarily represent ovulation, leucorrhea is a unique physiological phenomenon in women, and in different menstrual cycles, characteristics of leucorrhea are also different, appearance of leucorrhea is a normal physiological phenomenon, indicating that current body estrogen levels are relatively high , but high estrogen levels do not necessarily mean ovulation. During ovulation, leucorrhea will be like egg white and will have a fibrous shape, but if you want to judge whether you are ovulating, you must calculate it from your own menstrual cycle, and not just from characteristics of the menstrual cycle. leucorrhea.

Does vaginal discharge indicate ovulation or not? depends on specific situation
How to know ovulation period?

1. Ovulation test strip

Ovulation test strips are available from most pharmacies and are designed to measure luteinizing hormone in urine. Most progesterone levels are very low, so it only appears in large amounts within 24-48 hours of ovulation.

Method: Collect a clean middle portion of urine with a urine collection container, place ovulation test paper in urine container. If there are 2 strips on test paper, result is positive and ovulation will occur within next 24-48 hours. .

If you find that test results are gradually getting stronger, you need to increase frequency of testing, preferably every 4 hours, try to measure strong yang and catch moment when strong yang becomes weak, because ovulation occurs when strong yang turns into weak.

Does vaginal discharge indicate ovulation or not? depends on specific situation

2. B-ultrasound ovulation monitoring method

This method is ideal for tracking ovulation. You can accurately see size and development of follicles and determine time of ovulation. Usually, around 12th day of your period, go to hospital for a V-ultrasound to monitor condition of follicles. Depending on development of follicles, doctor will tell you time of next follow-up examination. B-ultrasound. When follicles develop to an average diameter of 18mm, ovulation period approaches. At this time, you can try to get pregnant in same room.

The above is an appropriate introduction about ovulation period when vaginal discharge is drawn. I hope this can help you. If your menstrual cycle is regular, you are about to ovulate. If there is vaginal discharge, it means that you are about to ovulate. At this time, we only need to have same room on time.