Female estrogen drops, remember these three foods, more you eat, more feminine you will be

It is said that men have forty-one flowers and women have forty offal tofu. This is because men have more male hormones, which makes men more masculine, but for women, older they are, there will be less and less hormones in body, so you will look older It is estrogen that affects aging of women, so if you want to be more feminine, you should eat these three foods frequently.

Female estrogen drops, remember these three products

1. Soybeans

Soybeans are a common food item, also known as soybeans. The data shows that protein content of soybeans is twice that of eggs, and amino acids in protein are similar to amino acids in animal protein and are easily digestible. In addition, soybeans are not only highly nutritious, but also rich in estrogens, also called soy isoflavones. These estrogens are similar to estrogens in women and function to mimic estrogen. Regular consumption of soybeans can not only replenish estrogen, but also maintain shape of skin and body.

2. Pumpkin

Estrogen deficiency in women. In addition to soybeans, you can also eat pumpkin to replenish your estrogen stores. Pumpkin is a common fruit and vegetable. In terms of nutrition, pumpkin is rich in vitamin E, which can regulate estrogen secretion and improve ovarian estrogen secretion disorder, thus helping to supplement estrogen in human body. When eating pumpkin, it is recommended that you roast or steam it until it is soft before eating, which aids in digestion.

3. Nuts

Women lack estrogen, they can eat not only soybeans, but also nuts. Nuts are convenient to eat and contain special omega-3 fatty acids, which can relieve anxiety and stimulate pituitary gland secretion in human body to not only supplement estrogen, but also help balance estrogen secretion. It is recommended to eat about 2 servings per day. Although nuts are healthy, people with high blood pressure and obesity are advised to eat less because nuts contain a certain amount of fat.

Estrogen is an important substance in female body. If there is not enough estrogen, it will affect women's skin, cause women to age prematurely, and also affect women's fertility. Therefore, it is very important to add estrogen on time.