A few days after ovulation, you can check if you are pregnant, perhaps these 3 "reactions" will give you answer.

I believe everyone knows about ovulation. Every woman will ovulate every month, but she can only produce 1-2 eggs each time, so every woman trying to conceive will treasure her own eggs. Eggs, everyone wants to conceive their children next month. So, how many days after ovulation can pregnancy be determined? Maybe these 3 reactions will tell you.

How many days after ovulation can pregnancy be determined?

In fact, under normal conditions, pregnancy can be detected as early as a week after intercourse during period of ovulation. But since your physical constitution is also very different, there will be some differences when using some detection methods, resulting in some deviation in results. Therefore, you should try to maximize testing time. If you want to be more precise, you'd better wait up to ten days. Since it takes a week for an egg to be fertilized, uterine implantation can be performed. After implantation, villi secrete gonadotropins.

What are three reactions that may occur after pregnancy?

1. Chest soft

After implantation of a fertilized egg, body will release large amounts of estrogen and a female breast will develop. At this time, you may feel tingling, softness and swelling of breast. Once your body adjusts to high amount of hormones, this pain will subside and your breasts will no longer be uncomfortable.

2. Go to toilet often

After a fertilized egg implants in wall of uterus, it begins to secrete human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone will stimulate your bladder to urinate, so you'll want to go to toilet frequently. If you don't have symptoms of frequent urination, but you do, you should consider whether a fertilized egg has engrafted.

3. No period

Amenopause is one of earliest and most important signs of conception. If normal menstrual cycle is relatively normal, but menstruation is delayed by more than 10 days after man-made activities, it should be considered that a fertilized egg can successfully implant and become pregnant.

If a woman who is preparing for pregnancy has above three reactions, she should check if she is pregnant in time. After pregnancy, regular examinations and care during pregnancy should be carried out to prevent accidents to fetus. We also wish all women who are trying to get pregnant to get pregnant as soon as possible.