If you want to assess whether your fertility is good or bad, you can find out by watching your period.

"Big aunt" is like our kind sister who will come to visit us once a month and stay for a few days. It, you still worry about it, why don't you come? Is there something wrong? Every day I feel "heartbreaking". In fact, an aunt is very important to us, it is a key factor in measuring our health. If you want to know if your fertility is good or not, you can find out by watching your aunt.

When fertility is good, aunt will display following three characteristics.

First feature: relatively regular menstrual cycle

A woman's monthly menstrual cycle is between 25 and 35 days, which is within normal range, but if cycle is less than 25 days or more than 35 days, this means a violation that not only affects the woman's health, but it can also affect normal ovulation of women, and when they cannot find their own ovulation period, it will be difficult for them to conceive a child.

Second feature: appropriate menstrual flow

As a rule, menarche in women occurs at age of fourteen or fifteen years. At this time, periods are not very regular, but usually last from 3 to 7 days, which more or less affects ovulation. If you have a normal period, you use less than 15 sanitary pads during your entire menstrual cycle, which means that your menstrual flow is insufficient. Insufficient menstruation will lead to thinning of endometrium, which will affect implantation of sperm and eggs, thereby reducing pregnancy rate.

Third characteristic: color of aunt is very positive, without blood clots

Many people say that color of aunt's forehead is bright red, but this is not entirely correct. Its color also changes depending on time before or after arrival. At first visit, color of forehead of aunt will be darker. Maybe there is some debris or toxins in uterus, but from next day, its color becomes bright red, but when period is about to start, it becomes dark red again, which associated with blood oxidation.

When you find that your menstrual flow is dark and dark with blood clots, you should pay attention. It may be a cold palace case. The cold palace reduces frequency of pregnancies, and severe cases cause infertility.

An aunt who comes sooner or later has a great influence on us, so if you want your fertility not to suffer, you can start by regulating your period. As long as your "aunt" meets above three characteristics, this proves that you already have very strong fertility and can prepare to conceive at any time.