If you want good quality eggs, do these three things well and you will be "pregnant".

A man produces hundreds of millions of sperm per ejaculation, but a woman can only produce 1-2 eggs per month, and egg quality is not necessarily good, so getting pregnant is not easy. Only high quality eggs and sperm can be fertilized and quickly implanted. If quality of eggs is not good, even if implantation is successful, quality of embryos is also not good, and children are prone to deformities. So, how to improve egg quality?

How to improve egg quality by doing these three things well

First, scientific diet

Women excrete a certain amount of blood every menstrual cycle and some of iron element will be lost, and iron element can provide nourishment to egg. Therefore, eating more iron-rich foods during your period, such as animal by-products, can prepare your eggs for maturation.

In daily life, you can eat more soy foods such as black beans, soy milk, etc., which can not only supplement protein, but also prevent premature ovarian failure, effectively regulate endocrine system, and prevent effect of endocrine disorders on ovulation. .

Also, try to stop smoking and drinking six months before family planning to avoid overeating and undereating. Three meals a day should be regular, with a combination of meat and vegetables and a balanced intake of various nutrients.

Second, proper exercise

Appropriate physical activity can help improve physical fitness. Women who plan to conceive a child should exercise regularly for a period of time starting from time they plan to have a child. According to your personal hobbies, you can do physical exercises suitable for your physical condition, such as jogging, calisthenics, swimming, tai chi, yoga and other aerobic exercises to tone various parts of body.

Third, change your mindset

When a woman is depressed and anxious for a long time, body produces a large amount of “anxiety hormone” called cortisone. Excessive secretion of these hormones will disrupt initial balance of hormones in physiological state, lead to endocrine system disorders, and affect ovarian function of ovaries.

In addition, psychological pressure on women is relatively high, which does not contribute to implantation of embryo.

Therefore, during pregnancy, women should try to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and learn how to manage stress properly. For example, listening to relaxing music, talking to relatives, and hanging out with friends are all good ways to lower your blood pressure. A good attitude can increase likelihood of "pregnancy"!

Egg quality determines whether a woman can conceive smoothly, so egg quality must be ensured. In life, in addition to above three points, egg quality can be improved, you should also pay attention to regularity of work and rest. Staying up late, staying up late is biggest culprit of egg death.