Monthly "visiting" aunt - is it a detox?

I think all women know that normal menstruation is an important condition for measuring our body. If menstruation is disturbed, various gynecological diseases occur in women. Therefore, many women hope that their menstruation can be normal and regular. There are also some women who think that when we come to our aunt, our body is cleansed, so that all toxins left in our body will be removed from body. Is this really so? Let's see.

Is a period visit really a detox? Monthly "visiting" aunt - is it a detox?

Menstruation is a special physiological event for women, not a detox. Menstruation is mainly due to a change in level of hormones in body, which cannot maintain original viability of endometrium. Vasoconstriction occurs in endometrium, necrosis of endometrium and then falling off. Therefore, not only blood is present in menstrual flow, but also individual fragments of endometrium. blood. Also, menstrual blood. The outflow will pass through cervix and vagina, so menstrual blood also contains substances such as cervical mucus and vaginal epithelial cells. Menstruation is metabolism of normal cells, and there is no such thing as "toxic or non-toxic".

How to solve problem of irregular periods?

1. Don't get cold

Women should keep warm during menstruation and not catch a cold. If a woman catches a cold during her period, it will not only aggravate dysmenorrhea and make women feel more uncomfortable, but it will also cause irregular periods such as increased menstrual flow and prolonged periods. Today, even though spring has arrived, cold of late spring is still lingering in many areas. Women should pay attention to keep warm during menstruation and not take off too many clothes suddenly, as it is easy to catch a cold.

2. Don't do heavy exercise

Monthly "visiting" aunt - is it a detox?

Today, many women have a good habit of doing sports, which can not only keep a slim figure, but also benefit body. But don't force yourself during your period. During menstruation, physical activity should be avoided. If you really want to work out, try calming yoga. If at this time to do intense physical activity, then this will exceed capabilities of your body, which will easily lead to an exacerbation of dysmenorrhea.

3. Eat more iron-rich and nutritious foods

If a woman's body is in a state of malnutrition, it is easy to cause irregular periods. Therefore, women should also follow a sensible diet, avoid excessive weight loss, get enough iron, and avoid iron deficiency anemia. You can also brew a cup of donkey skin ginger gelatin paste every morning before and after menstruation, which can effectively replenish qi and blood, warm palace and dispel cold, and relieve menstrual discomfort.

4. Stay up late

Women also try to stay up late during their period. Staying up late is a bad habit. This weakens human body, reduces people's resistance and makes them vulnerable to disease. If resistance becomes low, intimate parts of body become infected with bacteria, which can easily lead to a bacterial infection.

Monthly "visiting" aunt - is it a detox?

5. Maintain hygiene

During menstruation, hygiene requirements should not be abandoned, and cleaning should also be done well. Women should avoid bathing during their period, but showering is acceptable. Sanitary pads need to be changed on time, underwear also needs to be changed every day.

Do you still think that menstruation is a detox? Hurry up to read this article. If you have menstrual irregularities, you can learn how to regulate your periods using methods above, but it depends on your situation. If menstrual irregularities are severe, it is recommended to go to hospital for conditioning.