How many of five small fertility habits have you already done?

Every couple planning to conceive wants to have good fertility so that they can get pregnant quickly and have their own child, but everyone's physique is different, so strength of fertility is also different, and some people find it easy. to conceive. One day, some people may not conceive after one or two years of trying to conceive. Today editor will teach you 5 little habits that will help you improve your fertility. I hope you succeed and get pregnant.

These 5 lifestyle habits can boost fertility

Habit 1. Healthy Weight

How many of five small fertility habits have you already done?

When preparing for pregnancy, choose foods that are low in fat and high in fiber and pay attention to a balanced diet. Being too thin or overweight is not conducive to conception. Fruit should not be eaten as a meal, and fried foods high in sugar should be eaten less to maintain a healthy weight.

Habit 2. Take folic acid and dietary vitamins

Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy can prevent neural tube defects during fetal development, vitamin B, so folic acid must be consumed during pregnancy. There are also other pre-pregnancy supplemental nutrients that should be taken according to need, and appropriate amount can be used.

Habit 3. Keep exercising

How many of five small fertility habits have you already done?

A good healthy body can lay a solid foundation for your child. You must start exercising at least 3 months before pregnancy. You can use yoga, jogging and jumping rope. Jump rope is also good for ovulation. Persistence in exercise can make life easier for you during pregnancy Stay active.

Habit 4: Staying up late

The younger generation often stays up late because of their busy and varied entertainment lives, or because of habit of staying up late. Staying up late for a long time will easily lead to delayed ovulation and tete.

Habit Five: Improve Your Diet

How many of five small fertility habits have you already done?

Learn to eat nutritious foods that you really need to supplement, that is, eat a balanced diet of at least three meals a day. Vitamins, calcium, and carbohydrates (rice, noodles, etc.) are essential. Eating carbohydrates can easily lead to menstrual irregularities.

The above are some good fertility habits. I hope that you, who are preparing for pregnancy, also correct them in time, keep a good job and rest, and also continue to play sports. Sooner or later the child will come to you. . If you have any questions about reproduction, you can consult at any time, and we will ask you to answer them in detail.