If you want to get pregnant quickly, first check if your uterus is ready?

Many women want to have a baby as soon as possible, so they do various technical preparations, but they cannot get pregnant after six months or even a year of trying to conceive a child. This could be a problem with your uterus. First of all, our uterus is an important place for birth of a new life. A good uterine environment will allow fetus to develop better in it. If uterus is injured, fertilized eggs cannot be implanted, so we must protect our uterus.

If we want to protect uterus, we must start by understanding some of behaviors that harm uterus.

1. The uterus is afraid of abortion

If you want to get pregnant quickly, first check if your uterus is ready?

Abortion increases chance of damage to uterus. The greater number of miscarriages, thinner wall of uterus, which has a certain effect on menstruation and course of pregnancy. If you have multiple miscarriages, it can cause placenta to stick during pregnancy. Therefore, if you do not plan to have children, you must take contraceptive measures.

2. The uterus is afraid to get angry

"The body hurts when you're angry" is a reasonable suggestion. The physical effects of anger are first seen on skin. In a state of anger, increased levels of toxins in blood of brain stimulate hair follicles, causing various degrees of inflammation around hair follicles, which leads to pigmentation. In women, anger can damage breasts and uterus. Some negative emotions and energy will affect endocrine and menstrual cycle, and over time will be a threat to health of uterus!

3. The uterus is afraid of violation of sexual life

If you want to get pregnant quickly, first check if your uterus is ready?

If you do not pay attention to hygiene in your life, it can lead to vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, salpingitis, etc. and even lead to cancer of vulva, vagina, and cervix. Moderate sexual intercourse is primary task of caring for uterus, especially during menstruation and childbirth, when genitals are especially vulnerable. Try not to. Both before and after sex, both parties should clean their private parts to prevent gynecological diseases.

4. The uterus is afraid of smoking

Medical data show that women who smoke are prone to cancer, with an 80% chance of cervical cancer. The incidence of epithelial cell carcinoma of cervix of moderate and severe severity in women who smoke is 3.5 times higher than in non-smokers. Smoking during pregnancy can easily lead to ectopic pregnancy and reduced breast milk secretion; unmarried women are prone to dysmenorrhea or infertility, accelerated skin aging, and other symptoms.

5. The uterus is afraid of malnutrition

If you want to get pregnant quickly, first check if your uterus is ready?

Chinese medicine believes that women's constitution is Yin, so they should not be greedy for cold foods such as watermelons, pears and other cold foods. Cold food entering body absorbs our yang energy and surrounds uterus with cold air. To develop good eating habits, drink hot tea or ginger tea more often to warm your stomach, help get rid of colds in cold foods, and support your uterus.

The above are actions that uterus is most afraid of. If a woman who is planning to become pregnant wants to get pregnant quickly, she should first avoid these evil deeds in order to reduce damage to uterus and pregnancy will be smoother.