Have you had premature ovarian failure? 5 ways to help you get better

If a woman wants to stay young, she must first take care of her ovaries, because this is key to her youth. If ovaries fail prematurely, woman experiences early amenorrhea and menopause. At this time, skin will also grow old and give birth. The power will also fall and not. So, today editor will explain to most women how to prevent premature ovarian failure.

How to prevent premature ovarian failure?

1. Lose weight scientifically and keep exercising

Have you had premature ovarian failure? 5 ways to help you get better

To achieve beauty of bones, it will cause malnutrition, endocrine disorders, ovarian atrophy and functional decline. A strong organism can maintain functional health and coordination of various organs and systems throughout body, thereby impairing functions of nervous and endocrine systems. The exercises should be done according to one's ability, persistently, step by step. For example, jogging, walking, radio exercises, and tai chi are all suitable sports.

2. Enjoy sex and avoid miscarriage

Regular sex life is best stimulant for maintaining ovarian health, as well as best cosmetic product. However, precautions must be taken: abortion, especially uterine suction, can cause pelvic inflammatory disease and even lead to outright ovarian dysfunction.

3. Regular work and rest, staying up late

Have you had premature ovarian failure? 5 ways to help you get better

To prevent premature ovarian failure, most important thing is to stay up late and work out regularly. It is best to go to bed before 11:00 pm because some reproductive hormones are only released between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.

4. Diet helps support ovaries

Sufficient nutrient intake can help women get nutrients they need to maintain reproductive function. You can eat more quality protein, B vitamins, folic acid, iron, calcium and other useful substances. Meals should be regular, eat on time and do not overeat. Also, you should pay more attention to iron supplements as you approach your period. Menstrual blood takes a lot of iron out of body, and iron can provide enough nutrients for eggs. Therefore, you should eat more foods such as spinach and animal offal during your period to make your ovaries healthier.

5. Cheer yourself up and set your mood

Have you had premature ovarian failure? 5 ways to help you get better

It is not uncommon for white collar women to experience premature ovarian failure due to overwork. As soon as some discomfort arises, they must apply active and effective methods to cope with it, and be able to receive sympathy, comfort and help. encouragement from their family members. The human central nervous system and endocrine system are interconnected and influence each other, so women should learn to maintain a good mood and learn to resolve bad emotions so as not to reduce body's resistance to disease and not lead to premature ovarian failure.

In addition, editor reminds women to wear less pantyhose on weekdays, because such clothes will tightly wrap around stomach, which will compress ovaries and affect their health.