4 tips to help you thicken your endometrium and get pregnant easily

Every woman wants to have a healthy body before preparing for pregnancy so that pregnancy rate is higher. If there is a problem with body, it is necessary to postpone preparation for pregnancy and treat it first before preparing for pregnancy. Thin endometrium is one of gynecological diseases. Most often causes great harm to women of childbearing age. So, how can we thicken endometrium? The following editor will teach you 5 tricks.

Why does endometrium become thinner?

1. Irregular menstruation, persistent menstrual cramps. For example, oligomenorrhea is an important precursor to amenorrhea. When menstrual flow gradually decreases, this means that endometrium is too thin and endocrine disorder has not been treated properly. After a while, menstruation stops. It has a big impact on whether you can get pregnant or whether pregnancy process goes smoothly, and then skin will age prematurely, and body will begin to experience a lot of discomfort.

4 tips to help you thicken your endometrium and get pregnant easily

2. Insufficient blood supply is an important cause of endometrial damage. Many women have poor circulation, which leads to poor vascular growth in endometrium. If uterus does not receive enough blood flow, it may not be able to build a thick enough lining.

3. Poor condition of endometrial tissue. Infection, a previous miscarriage with curettage, or trauma from an illness can cause damage to endometrial tissue. This damage can also reduce blood flow to lining of uterus.

4. Reuse of ovulation medications. The biggest side effect of oral ovulation induction medications is endometrial thickness. Ovulation induction drugs can thin lining of uterus to stimulate ovulation.

4 tips to help you thicken your endometrium

1. Mental Health

4 tips to help you thicken your endometrium and get pregnant easily

Women with thin endometrium should maintain a stable and joyful mood, learn to control themselves and try not to be too nervous. According to experts, relaxing mind can effectively regulate endocrine system, which is good for endometrial health, which is very important. A good mood can make a woman healthier.

2. Physical health

Women should keep warm during menstruation. Experts suggest putting a heating pad on your stomach or using a bag of warm water. This method can speed up blood circulation as well as relax your muscles so that spasms in your organs promote flow of menstrual blood.

3. Sports and healthcare

In daily life, girlfriends should do some exercise in moderation, which can improve their physique and benefit health of uterus. For example, yoga, brisk walking, jogging, etc., all these methods can promote circulation of female organs, thereby regulating secretion of hormones.

4 tips to help you thicken your endometrium and get pregnant easily

4. Diet and health care

In daily life, patients with thin endometrium should follow a light diet and consume more foods that enrich and improve blood circulation, such as black beans, black fungus, snow clams, honey, walnuts, black sesame, etc.

The above are a few methods on how to thicken endometrium. Hope it helps everyone. The endometrium is a key factor for implantation of fertilized eggs, so women planning to conceive should pay attention to it. endometrium turned out to be thin, in a timely manner go to regular hospital for conditioning.