Women with a clean uterus usually have these three underwear, but how many do you have?

The uterus is not only a place where new life is born, but also an important factor in maintaining health. One day, a certain situation will arise with many women, they will see that there is a problem with uterus. At this time, they will go to hospital in time for treatment to avoid more serious critical uterine disease. And if uterus is clean, then there are some changes in underwear. Next, let's take a closer look and see how much you have.

If uterus is clean, then these 3 manifestations will be on linen

1. The underwear has no specific smell.

Women with a clean uterus usually have these three underwear, but how many do you have?

Under normal conditions, women's discharge is odorless, but if you don't change your underwear for a long time, there will be some odor in your underwear as bacteria multiply. When changing underwear every day, there is still a strange smell. It may be due to secretion, resulting in a large number of bacteria and viruses. At this time, it is best to undergo appropriate gynecological examinations to avoid gynecological inflammation. Without this situation, uterus is still relatively healthy.

2. Underwear not bloodshot.

This phenomenon often occurs during menstruation, which is normal. But when bloodshot underwear appears after a month, it can be caused by uterine problems. Try not to ignore it. Your best bet is to do some related checks. If you don't have these behaviors, your uterus is very clean and healthy.

3. There are no yellow stains on underwear.

Women with a clean uterus usually have these three underwear, but how many do you have?

Many people think that yellow underwear can be contaminated by urine or bowel movements, but it can also be caused by uterine secretions. This may be a sign of gynecological diseases. With gynecological diseases, discharge in body will be same as remains of soybean curd, there may be itching. This can cause yellow spots on your underwear, which is a sign of a bad uterus. If there is no such yellow mark, uterus is relatively healthy.

How to keep uterus healthy?

1. Regular inspection

The uterus is one of most important organs of a woman. It is very important for women's health to go to hospital regularly to check uterus to see if endometrium is thickened. Therefore, if you want to protect your uterus, first thing you need to do is check it regularly to prevent diseases before they occur.

Second, exercise to maintain uterus

As they say: life is about exercise. Regular exercise is good not only for health, but also for maintaining uterus. This is due to fact that exercise improves blood circulation in uterus. uterine circulation is good, the uterus will be healthy.

Women with a clean uterus usually have these three underwear, but how many do you have?

Third, go to bed early and wake up early

For girlfriends: If you stay up for a long time, it will affect women and cause endocrine disorders in women, resulting in abnormalities of endocrine system in women. When female endocrine system is abnormal, it is not conducive to health of uterus. Therefore, girlfriends want to have a healthy uterus. You should pay attention to maintaining good work and rest habits, go to bed early and wake up early, and rest when time is right. This not only promotes rest of various organs of body, but also helps to maintain uterus.

The above is some brief information about uterus. If you do not want your uterus to be damaged, you must do preventive work in advance. After damage to uterus, you should go to regular hospital in time for treatment. to avoid further damage to the uterus.