Women with quality eggs usually have these 3 characteristics.

In preparation for pregnancy, if a woman wants to have good fertility, she must have high quality eggs. Once quality of eggs deteriorates, normal implantation of fertilized eggs will be affected. Even if implantation is successful, quality of embryos will be poor, so if quality of eggs is low, it is necessary to improve quality of eggs in time to give birth to a healthy and live baby. Well, high quality women usually have these symptoms before their period, see if you have them?

Women with good egg quality have these symptoms.

1. Young

Women with quality eggs usually have these 3 characteristics.

We all know that youth is an important sign of our health. Generally, when a woman is in her 20s, her egg quality is at its best. When she reaches her 30s, quality of her eggs gradually declines. decline affecting our normal life.

2. Regular menstrual cycle

Menstruation is also very important for women. This is "barometer" of women's health. A regular menstrual cycle, moderate menstruation and normal color indicate that function of uterus and ovaries is very healthy, and ovulation is also regular, so chance of conception is also high. will be very high.

3. Moderate figure

Too fat or too thin will interfere with normal secretion of hormones and affect maturation of follicles. Thus, eggs will be in a situation where they cannot be released. Even if they are hatched, quality of embryo will be affected.

Women with quality eggs usually have these 3 characteristics.
How to improve egg quality?

1. Proper exercise is good, egg quality is high

Appropriate exercise can effectively improve a woman's fitness and ensure egg quality. From very beginning of preparing for pregnancy, women should exercise regularly, such as playing badminton, jogging, doing yoga, etc., in order to increase resistance of various organs of body and lay a solid foundation for pregnancy.

2. Supplement iron in time to prevent anemia and ensure egg nutrition

There is a lot of iron in our blood, and iron is just enough to feed eggs. For us women, each menstrual period will lose a lot of blood, resulting in malnutrition in body. Therefore, eating more vegetables and iron-rich foods, such as spinach and animal offal, during menstruation can supplement nutrition of eggs so that eggs are more beneficial.

3. Maintain a good mood and high quality eggs

Only by maintaining a happy mood can high-quality eggs be released, because mental factors can affect endocrine function of human body. If women are often depressed, anxious and angry, it will cause endocrine dysfunction, which can affect the formation of eggs and can lead to deterioration of egg quality, so pregnant women should keep a good attitude and good mood to improve egg quality.

Women with quality eggs usually have these 3 characteristics.

4. Develop good habits, eggs will be best

While preparing for pregnancy, you should develop a good habit such as regular work and rest times, try to stay up late and eat regularly. It is best not to eat spicy or high-fat foods. At same time, pay attention to nutritional value of diet. Sexuality and complexity, picky eating, a combination of meat and vegetables, a balanced diet also contribute to improving quality of eggs.

The above are a few signs of good egg quality. Go and see if you have them. If yes, then congratulations. You have very good fertility. If not, don't fret. Seek treatment promptly. can also have good fecundity.