How many of these 6 things did you do to destroy the uterus and fix them quickly

The female uterus is very fragile and has a "temper", if she does something bad, she will immediately "revenge" and make you riddled. The womb is not only an important place for birth of new life, but also an important symbol for maintaining health. Once damaged, it will affect entire body and bring more gynecological diseases, but many people still harm it. So what behavior destroys womb?

What are six things that destroy womb?

1. Stay up late often

How many of these 6 things did you do to destroy the uterus and fix them quickly

Staying out late is a bad habit. Frequent staying up late can cause endocrine disorders in women and reduce body's resistance. At this time, disease will take advantage of weak spot and manifest itself in womb. There will also be uterine diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

2. I often catch a cold

Everyone has a love for beauty, but don't let your body catch a cold, especially your uterus. In summer, you should eat less cold drinks, especially during female menstrual cycle. Wear thicker ones in air-conditioned rooms. If you don't have extra clothing, you can cover your belly with a small blanket. Women cannot ignore problem of palace cold. This will not only cause severe dysmenorrhea, but will also affect female fertility.

3. Prolonged constipation

How many of these 6 things did you do to destroy the uterus and fix them quickly

I have heard that constipation can affect uterus, but many do not understand this. Obviously this is not possible. When women are constipated for a long time, negative pressure rises, compresses uterus and causes downward pressure on uterus, bladder, and pelvic floor muscles. Over time, she is prone to uterine prolapse and even urinary incontinence. When you sneeze, urine is released. You should eat more wealth on weekdays.

4. Frequent induced abortions

The womb is place where life originates, and fertilized eggs are implanted in womb, so womb is first place to suffer from an abortion. Frequent miscarriages can cause cervical adhesions, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and even female infertility. Contraceptive measures must be taken to protect uterus. Don't laugh at your body. Say no when it's time to say no.

5. Impure sex life

The harmony of sexual life lies not only in whether two people are harmonious, but also in whether they care about each other's health. If you do not pay attention to cleanliness during sex, bacteria attached to male penis will enter female vagina during intercourse, and through female vagina will enter uterine cavity, causing infection. Before and after sex, both men and women must cleanse their genitals, which is a manifestation of responsibility to themselves and to each other.

How many of these 6 things did you do to destroy the uterus and fix them quickly

6. Sex life is too open

Some women are more sexually open and have multiple sexual partners at same time, which is very dangerous. Not only are you prone to gynecological diseases, but you may also suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and other infectious diseases that not only seriously threaten your own health, but may also affect health of your family members.

How many of above activities have you done? If you are still doing this, you should correct it in time. A good life schedule and good living habits are key to protecting uterus. I hope everyone can think about it. your body, quickly change it.