How can decline in fertility be accelerated? 3 tips to protect your fertility

If women want to have children as soon as possible, their fertility must be good, because this is only criterion for them to have children. In some cases, even infertility will occur. In case of infertility, premature decline in fertility must be prevented. So, how to improve decline in fertility, let's see together.

Factors affecting fertility decline

1. Age of conception without understanding science

How can decline in fertility be accelerated? 3 tips to protect your fertility

Aging has a big impact on a woman's fertility. From point of view of female physiological laws, fertility is highest at age of 20-27 years and slowly decreases after 30 years. Decreases rapidly after age 35. 35 years old is half of 25 years old, 40 years old is half of 35 years old. About 87% of women lose ability to conceive after 44 years. Women's overall health also deteriorates with age. Therefore, women should know best age for scientific pregnancy and plan their own pregnancy time wisely.

2. Blind Excessive Weight Loss

Excessive weight loss can lead to endocrine disruption, menstrual irregularities, and cessation of ovulation. Nutritional imbalances and severe micronutrient deficiencies caused by excessive dieting can also affect fertility. Therefore, I would like to remind women who want to conceive a child that a reasonable weight and body weight contribute to conception, but excessive weight loss will lead to an imbalance in nutrition, which will also affect conception.

3. Multiple induced abortion

Doctors have found that number of miscarriages is directly proportional to likelihood of infertility. Repeated induced abortion can easily lead to pelvic adnexitis, blockage of fallopian tubes after inflammation and infertility. Moreover, repeated induced abortion will also make endometrium very thin. After pregnancy, dysplasia and spontaneous abortion can easily develop in future. It is important for a woman to learn to love herself and enjoy sex, but her health is even more important. We must prevent multiple abortions.

How can decline in fertility be accelerated? 3 tips to protect your fertility

4. Bad sexual habits

Some young women are sexually unhygienic, promiscuous, have sexually transmitted diseases, and are often in incubation period, which unknowingly leads to pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. During sex, bacteria and blood can easily enter pelvic cavity through loose cervix, causing an infection. As a woman, you must learn to respect yourself and love yourself. Protect yourself during sex!

5. Too much stress

If women of childbearing age are under a lot of pressure for a long time, they are prone to endocrine disruption, leading to menstrual irregularities or even amenorrhea and ovulation. In this case, of course, getting pregnant is not easy. Women planning to conceive should be calm. If they are faced with major events such as death of a loved one, family changes, and so on. , they may adjust collection dates and delivery plans.

3 ways to protect your fertility

First of all, we must observe regime of work and rest. Eat a balanced and healthy diet, ensure protein intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, go to bed early and wake up early, stay up late, work overtime, watch dramas, dance, etc. Maintain moderate exercise, do more outdoor sports air, etc. Do not smoke or drink, stay away from harmful gases such as secondhand smoke.

Second, avoid excessive weight loss and obesity. Excessive weight loss leads to low body fat levels, which can lead to hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis dysfunction, follicular underdevelopment, and amenorrhea. Obesity can also easily lead to endocrine disruption, causing infrequent ovulation or anovulation (polycystic ovary syndrome), which affects conception.

How can decline in fertility be accelerated? 3 tips to protect your fertility

In addition, learn to regulate work and psychological pressure. Prolonged excessive stress can cause abnormal ovulation in women. During pregnancy, keep a light and happy mood. Finally, avoid unnecessary miscarriages. Use contraceptive measures to avoid damage to endometrium caused by induced abortion and abnormalities of fallopian tubes caused by inflammation, which will complicate next pregnancy and reduce female fertility.

The above is an introduction to factors and prevention of reduced fertility. I hope this can help everyone. If you are infertile for a long time, you should go to a regular hospital for an examination.