4 Womb-Destroying Behaviors Declared and Need to be Corrected in Time

The uterus is a very important reproductive organ for women. A good uterine environment can not only ensure normal development of fetus, but also preserve health of woman. Therefore, many friends pay attention to protection of uterus. . But there are still some young women who go to bed late, sit for a long time, eat irregularly, etc. to satisfy their needs, which harms uterus. So today editor will talk about a few acts that destroy womb, and after reading this, everyone should avoid it.

4 acts of destruction of uterus announced

1. Multiple streams of people

These days people's minds are becoming more and more open. There are many young couples living together. If you don't pay attention, an unwanted pregnancy can occur. If you do not want a child, you will solve this problem with an induced abortion. . However, induced abortion will cause great trauma to woman's uterus. With frequent abortions, uterine wall will become thinner and thinner, which will lead to severe damage to uterus and may even cause infertility.

2. Impure sex life

If you do not observe sexual hygiene, for example, do not wear a condom indoors, do not wash before and after, pathogens will enter uterine cavity through genital tract, which will lead to infection of endometrium. What's more, dirt in male foreskin can also stimulate cervix, which can cause a number of cervical conditions.

3. Staying up too late

Frequent wakefulness also leads to a decrease in immune function of female body, and microbes enter body in two important ways: upper respiratory tract and cervix. Once immune system is weakened, many pathogens, including highly pathogenic viruses such as HPV, enter uterus along cervix and have a severe effect on endometrium or cervical mucosa.

4. Lack of weight control

Obesity is known to be a risk factor for endometrial cancer. If there is a lot of body fat in body, plasma estrone levels will increase, and endometrium will be in a state of prolonged hyperplasia. If you're unlucky, you'll get endometrial adenocarcinoma.

Periodic examinations of uterus. Regular examination allows you to be aware of situation in female uterus, detect abnormalities in the uterus in time and treat symptoms in time to avoid irreparable damage. Under normal circumstances, it is best to have a uterine examination once a year.