How long can you get pregnant after ovulation, this time must be caught

In preparation for pregnancy, most women think that if they have intercourse on day of ovulation, they will be more likely to conceive, so they will play a urine test every day at time of ovulation. you know? Although chances of getting pregnant on this day are also very high, conceiving a child is not as easy as time we will talk about next. What day is it today? Listen to experts' answers.

When is best time to get pregnant after ovulation?

Once follicles are ripe, it means that period of ovulation has come. The pregnancy rate at this stage is very high, but not as high as this time. Once an egg is released, its lifespan is only two days, so egg needs to be implanted and fertilized day after egg is released, so pregnant couples should take advantage of this opportunity.

How long can you get pregnant after ovulation, this time must be caught

Don't underestimate our ovary. Although it is size of an egg, it has hundreds of thousands of primordial follicles, but only 400-500 follicles can mature at end. Basically, one egg will be released every month and egg will reach fallopian tube to meet sperm. If sperm is not found, egg loses ability to conceive within 12-24 hours. Under normal circumstances, day of ovulation will be 12-16 days before next period, and lifespan of egg is only one day, and lifespan of sperm is 3 days, so if you want to get pregnant, you must have intercourse for 3 days. before ovulation and 1 day after ovulation.

What should expectant mothers pay attention to during ovulation?

First of all, learn to control your emotions.

How long can you get pregnant after ovulation, this time must be caught

I find that women who are trying to conceive, if they are still unable to conceive after several months of trying to conceive, will feel more anxious, which will actually affect pregnancy. So when you're in a bad mood, you can listen to songs, clean Douyin, or go for a run to calm your mood.

Second, understand frequency of intercourse.

Many sisters think that they will definitely be able to conceive a child if they have several sexual intercourses during period of ovulation. Actually it is not. It is necessary to control number of intercourses, and quality of too much sperm will deteriorate. decline. Therefore, it is recommended to have sex every other day or once every two days.

Finally, never stay up late.

How long can you get pregnant after ovulation, this time must be caught

Nowadays, young people have a habit of staying up late. You should know that late sleep has a great negative effect on body, especially in preparation for pregnancy. Staying up late for a long time causes female endocrine disorders. and problems with male sperm. Therefore, you must work and rest in time to get pregnant.

Finally, the editor wishes that all girlfriends who are preparing for pregnancy, as soon as possible, fulfill their wish and pick up their dolls.