Five habits that harm uterus, but abortion takes only second place

They say that menstruation is "barometer" of women's health, but do you know where menstruation comes from? In fact, uterus is main source of menstruation, so if you want to have regular menstruation, you must first have a normal uterus. But in recent years, many some bad habits of girls lead to severe damage to uterus. complex. So, what are five habits that harm uterus?

Among five habits that harm uterus, abortion is only second!

First: sedentary lifestyle

Five habits that harm uterus, but abortion takes only second place

The majority of girls' work today is indoor work, and indoors means long periods of sitting, and this lifestyle has a big impact on our physical and mental health. Prolonged sitting slows down blood circulation, normalizes blood supply. The uterus, ovaries, and vagina may also be affected. If there is scar tissue and adhesions in uterus, sitting still can exacerbate these problems and weaken muscles of uterus.

Second: frequent miscarriages

Many women do not care to protect themselves in their married life, which leads to unwanted pregnancies, and most women choose to have an abortion. More than three pregnancies significantly increases risk and incidence of uterine disease, according to survey. Repeated miscarriage, especially in a short time, can cause great damage to uterus and even lead to infertility. Therefore, women should always know how to protect themselves and take adequate contraceptive measures in order to be ready to become mothers.

Third: caesarean section

Five habits that harm uterus, but abortion takes only second place

A caesarean section avoids mother's pain during childbirth, which is why many women choose a caesarean section. However, a caesarean section will cause great harm to woman's body, especially damage to uterus. Mothers with caesarean sections require a long recovery time, and improper care can easily lead to a number of complications.

Fourth: Postnatal rest is bad

If you often squat or do heavy work after childbirth, this will increase intra-abdominal pressure and cause uterus to descend into vagina. The uterus can slip from its normal position along vagina to external os of cervix below level of ischial spines and even cause uterus to prolapse completely beyond vaginal orifice.

Fifth: multiple pregnancy

Five habits that harm uterus, but abortion takes only second place

If a woman becomes pregnant more than 3 times in a row, each additional pregnancy will increase risk of uterine disease, and incidence of uterine disease will increase significantly. Therefore, if you have a daughter and want to have a son, and if you have a son and want to have a daughter, you must be careful if you have a multiple pregnancy.

Protecting uterus is something every woman should do. If uterus is damaged, it will affect her health. Therefore, women should start from this moment and carry out preventive work in time. Proper care of uterus is greatest help to yourself.