4 lifestyle habits that hurt eggs that 80% of women did

For successful conception, a woman needs eggs and sperm. High quality eggs and healthy sperm combine to form a fertilized egg, and finally, fertilized egg enters uterine cavity through fallopian tube for implantation. implantation was successful, about a successful conception. But in real life, many women imperceptibly damage their eggs, most of which is caused by some kind of life habits, so if you want to avoid egg damage, you must avoid these bad habits.

What are 4 habits that harm eggs?

Habit 1. Lose weight blindly, without limits

4 lifestyle habits that hurt eggs that 80% of women did

Women tend to love beauty, and they have been on path of love for beauty all their lives, whether it be appearance or figure, it has become a trend. Some women who want to have a good figure go on a diet to lose weight in order to lose weight. They only eat once a day or skip meals, but this way of losing weight is very wrong. Blind weight loss or excessive exercise. will cause endocrine imbalance and even premature ovarian failure, which will also affect development of follicles, and eggs cannot be unloaded.

Habit 2. Long-term smoking

Smoking is said to be bad for health, but there are still many people who like to smoke two cigarettes when they are bored or have something on their mind, but if they smoke for a long time, it will affect their health, especially for women. It is not good for physical and mental health, and it can also damage ovaries so that eggs cannot be released normally, and even if they are released, they are still problem eggs.

Habit 3: Staying up late and insomnia

4 lifestyle habits that hurt eggs that 80% of women did

Estrogen may shorten sleep latency period, reduce number of awakenings after falling asleep, and increase total duration of sleep; at same time, it can increase synthesis of 5-hydroxytryptamine, which has a hypnotic effect, so level of estrogen decreases and its synthesis decreases, so sleep therapy decreases.

On other hand, sleep disturbances can also affect synthesis and release of female estrogens, which in turn can cause changes in ovarian function. Thus, women who stay up late, have insufficient sleep time, or have poor sleep quality are also more likely to have decreased ovarian function.

Habits 4. Multiple Threads

4 lifestyle habits that hurt eggs that 80% of women did

Studies have shown that 20% of women using surgical abortion methods experience ovarian dysfunction, mainly manifested in form of anovulation and corpus luteum insufficiency, which seriously affects woman's physical and mental health.

In addition to above habits, work and living conditions, mental stress and poor diet can lead to ovarian dysfunction. Therefore, if women want to be young, beautiful and fertile, they must maintain their ovaries in time and avoid some bad habits that damage ovaries.