These 4 "signals" that women send are signs of infertility and should be treated quickly.

With continuous development of time, lifestyle of people has also changed. Many people have a number of bad habits, and these bad habits are "culprits" that cause infertility. The chance of pregnancy also increases. If during preparation for pregnancy you are faced with the following 4 situations, this may be a "signal" of infertility and requires timely treatment.

Women send these 4 kinds of "signals" that are a manifestation of infertility.

Signal 1: dry lips

These 4 "signals" that women send are signs of infertility and should be treated quickly.

Sometimes, normal women cannot get pregnant, and this can also be due to their constitution or lack of certain elements in their body. If you find that your lips are especially prone to dryness under normal moisturizing conditions for a long time, this may be a sign of severe ischemia in body. In addition, vitamin A deficiency can also cause dry lips and skin, as well as affect pregnancy and even birth defects.

Suggestion: While preparing for pregnancy, you should pay attention to physical fitness and eat eggs, milk and other foods rich in vitamin A in moderation.

Signal 2: Lower abdomen is cold

There is no vegetation in cold region, and indoor environment is cold all year round, making it difficult for natural seeds to take root and germinate. Many young women are too strict with their diets because they are so obsessed with losing weight. They do not eat or eat less, causing cold in palace and then cold in lower abdomen. Poor egg quality caused by insufficient Yang Qi will not only affect their conception, but even if they are lucky enough to conceive successfully, development of fetus will be worse than others.

These 4 "signals" that women send are signs of infertility and should be treated quickly.

Recommendation: Eat normally, eat sensibly three times a day, steam your feet more often, eat more warming and nourishing foods such as red dates, longan, beef, etc. to create a warm environment for uterus.

Third signal: Irregular menstruation

Couples of childbearing age who have had a normal sexual life for more than 1 year, as well as those who have not used contraception and are not pregnant, should go to hospital for an examination to exclude possibility of infertility. There are many causes of female infertility, such as ovarian dysfunction, tubal obstruction, immune factors, and endocrine disorders. To find out if you have these problems, most intuitive thing is menstruation. Irregular periods are an important signal of infertility.

Suggestion: If this is caused by damage to ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc., you need to see a doctor immediately for targeted treatment. And if this is a normal irregular menstruation, then you can get pregnant normally after adjusting physique.

Signal four: swelling of arms and legs

These 4 "signals" that women send are signs of infertility and should be treated quickly.

Unexplained swelling in elongated fingers may be associated with hypothyroidism. Women take note. Once diagnosed, active treatment is required so as not to affect pregnancy and development of baby's brain after pregnancy. In addition, if swelling of hands and feet is severe every day, especially swelling of lower body, it may be due to kidney failure and affect normal course of pregnancy.

Suggestion: black food goes to kidneys. You can usually add some black beans, black rice, black sesame, chestnuts, and other foods in appropriate amounts that can nourish kidneys. Usually rub sides of waist with palm of your hand, which can also nourish kidneys and strengthen your body.

If you encounter above four situations while preparing for pregnancy, you should treat them in time. Once you find out the specific causes, treat them accordingly.