"Polycystic ovaries", causing women to panic, can still "get pregnant" at same time.

Also, I haven't been visiting my aunt for several months. Someone is pregnant, and someone has "polycystic ovaries". This is really a big blow for pregnant women, but we can only obey. according to "fate"? NO, in order to radically recover, in addition to treatment, first thing to do is change your life habits, and overweight and polycystic girls should lose weight in time. So, how to get pregnant girls with polycystic - this is our topic today.

Why does PCOS scare women? "Polycystic ovaries", causing women to panic, can still "get pregnant" at same time.

This requires editor to analyze its harm. First of all, most serious impact is infertility. Most people with this condition are women of childbearing age. The bag "blocked path to a successful pregnancy." Secondly, its appearance can also make women look ugly, such as acne on face, mustache, fat body, etc. Finally, it also harms woman's physical and mental health. Besides irregular menstruation, it can also cause other diseases . upon learning that you have this condition, you should immediately seek medical attention.

Three ways to help mothers with PCOS reclaim their pregnancy dreams

Method 1. Diagnosis and treatment using Chinese and Western medicine

"Polycystic ovaries", causing women to panic, can still "get pregnant" at same time.

When you are told that you have PCOS, experts will perform a combined Chinese and Western treatment according to your hormonal status.Hormonal balance.

Method 2: Problems with ovulation, direct ovulation induction

The original meaning of polycystic is that there are more than ten follicles in ovary, so follicles will be overcrowded and will not be able to develop normally. Adopt ovulation induction method. The doctor will take ovulation-stimulating drugs on third day, when patient's aunt arrives, and monitor ovulation with V-ultrasound on 10-12th day. During this period, patient has intercourse every other day to increase pregnancy rate.

Method 3. Combining movement and rest to change your lifestyle

Exercise. One of most common characteristics of polycystic cysts is obesity. Therefore, in addition to a healthy diet, most important thing for patients is regular exercise. You can choose some aerobic exercises like jogging and swimming, taijiquan, slow walking, etc. as long as weight is normal, being a good boy is not a problem.

"Polycystic ovaries", causing women to panic, can still "get pregnant" at same time.

Diet: Polycystic disease makes people fat, so patients should control amount of food, eat more green food, eat less or no fatty food, if you can't help it, eat from time to time It OK once, but keep the amount under control. You can often eat some foods that stimulate ovulation, such as oyster mushrooms, bananas, apples, seaweed, etc.

Life: stay up late, stay up late, stay up late, say important things three times, don't smoke or drink.

With all that said, are you getting better at understanding PCOS? If you still have questions about infertility, please send a private message.