If there are three situations in women, it may be a sign of poor ovarian function, so we must pay attention

The ovary looks like root of a flower. If there is a problem with root, flower cannot live alone. Therefore, if you want to make a flower more beautiful and lush, you must protect your "root". The same applies to ovary: once ovary fails prematurely, woman ages and fertility declines rapidly, so we must protect our ovaries. If these three situations occur in women, it is possible that function of ovaries is not in order.

What are three symptoms of poor ovarian function?

1. Irregular menstruation

With a decrease in ovarian function, most obvious manifestation is irregular menstruation. Any time menstruation is delayed or menstrual interval is unstable and menstrual flow decreases, this is an indication of irregular menstruation. If you haven't gone through menopause yet or are a menopausal woman but your periods are irregular or even tend to menopause, it's best to be on lookout for premature ovarian failure.

2. External aging

Decrease in ovarian function also affects appearance of women and makes them look old. Women with premature ovarian failure will be significantly older than women of the same age. Specific manifestations are skin aging, sagging breasts, bloating and obesity. No matter how well you take care of yourself, you will look older than your peers. At this time, it is necessary to temporarily stop external supportive treatment and check if ovarian function has decreased.

3. Breast sagging

Premature ovarian failure affects ovarian function. When a woman's ovarian function is impaired, secretion of hormones in body is disrupted, resulting in sagging breasts and severe sagging of skin. This will cause strong psychological pressure on women and cause them a number of psychological problems. These psychological problems can be mild or severe, but they all affect normal work and life of women.

How to properly care for ovaries

1. Do not blindly use birth control

For women, marriage and childbearing at right age is best and also most natural way to preserve ovaries. Contraceptives must be taken appropriately, and prolonged use of contraceptives should not be avoided.

2. Good living habits

Quit smoking and drinking, develop good living habits, stay up late less, exercise more and eat right. Minimize risk factors in your life as much as possible.

3. Keep a good mood

Life is a process of constant improvement of one's spiritual qualities. Negative emotions such as anxiety, irritability, depression, sadness, etc. are killers of your health. Learn to adjust to your emotions and be yourself.

The above content refers to several manifestations of decreased ovarian function. If you also have above conditions, you should go to hospital in time for treatment. Do not delay treatment lest you cause more damage or even infertility.