Why ovulation is normal, and infertility for a long time, reason is here

As we all know, if ovulation is normal, a woman's chance of conception is increased, so many women who are trying to conceive monitor their ovulation status. they will be more worried about what is wrong. What to do if you ovulate normally but can't get pregnant?

Here are reasons why you ovulate but can't get pregnant:

1. Abnormal development of reproductive organs

If a woman suffers from congenital vaginal deformities, narrowing of vagina and other congenital anomalies of reproductive organs or acquired diseases of reproductive organs, it will affect normal function of reproductive tract, resulting in obstruction and obstruction of reproductive tract, resulting in male sperm cannot swim properly and properly connect with egg, as a result of which woman ovulates without becoming pregnant.

2. Fallopian tube problems

Obstruction, deformity, dropsy, adhesions and abnormal peristalsis of fallopian tubes of a woman affect normal combination of sperm and eggs, prevent the normal passage of sperm and directly affect conception, leading to ovulation and impossibility of conception.

3. Bad eggs

If a woman ovulates normally every month and can ovulate on time, and she has intercourse during ovulation period because woman's eggs are not healthy enough or eggs are not mature enough, this is a factor that leads to inability of sperm and eggs to combine. In this case, even if ovulation is normal, it is impossible to conceive.

4. Abnormal sperm

If a man has insufficient sperm viability, or dead sperm, azoospermia, etc. (Having a prostate does not mean having sperm) even if a woman's eggs are healthy, this is also reason why a woman cannot conceive a child due to ovulation.

I suspect that I have infertility, how can I get pregnant quickly?

1. Find root cause of infertility

First, do a series of tests to find out cause, usually including an ovarian pituitary function test, endometrial pathology test, fallopian tube patency test, cervical mucus test, etc. to find out cause of infertility and treat symptomatically.

2. Active treatment

Once true cause of infertility is found, treatment should be adjusted and treated. Don't give up halfway. For example, if fallopian tubes are blocked and causing infertility, it is necessary to clean fallopian tubes and then do a good job of repair at a later stage, and the chance of conceiving a child will increase significantly.

3. Pay attention to daily care

In everyday life, most important thing is caring for sick. It is necessary to do following points well: monitor hygiene of genital organs, treat irregular menstruation in a timely manner, pay attention to a balanced diet, have a good rest and stay up late.

The foregoing presents several causes of infertility for a long time during normal ovulation. I hope this can help everyone. It is necessary to reduce bad habits such as staying up late and sitting for a long time and actively prepare for a healthy pregnancy.