During your period, it is best not to do these 5 things, especially last one.

Women menstruate once a month, and during menstruation, our body is very fragile and easily infected with bacteria, therefore, in order to avoid occurrence of gynecological diseases during menstruation, following must be done. Which things? Let's take a look together.

During your period, these 5 things are best not to do

1. Do not take a bath during menstruation

During your period, it is best not to do these 5 things, especially last one.

The pelvic cavity in women during menstruation is full, menstrual blood goes down, blood cavity opens. Coupled with a decrease in body resistance during menstruation, bacteria in water can easily enter uterine cavity during bathing, and menstrual blood remaining in vagina becomes a natural breeding ground for bacteria. The result of bacterial overgrowth is infection of vagina with bacteria, which leads to vaginitis.

2. It is not recommended to remove teeth during menstruation

I'm afraid that few dentists will ask you if you are menstruating before a tooth extraction, but you should know that you should not remove your teeth during your period. In addition to long-term bloody breath that affects appetite, during menstruation, endometrium releases more tissue-activating substances that activate blood fibrin-plasminogen into plasmin with anticoagulant action. At same time, number of platelets in body also decreases, therefore, coagulation ability of body decreases and time of hemostasis lengthens.

3. Motionless or strenuous exercise during menstruation

During your period, it is best not to do these 5 things, especially last one.

Some women do not exercise during their period because they fear that exercise will increase their menstrual flow and they sit for long periods of time, which is not good for their health. However, during menstruation, heavy physical activity is prohibited, as it will lead to an increase in amount of menstrual blood, and in severe cases, cause other problems. Therefore, during menstruation, proper exercises such as jogging and walking are good ways.

4. It is not recommended to wear tight pants during menstruation

Tight trousers can make women's curves more visible, and a refined figure attracts attention, which greatly satisfies vanity of girls. At same time, tights fit tightly to skin, have poor breathability and poor breathability. Prolonged wearing of tight trousers can lead to dampness of vulva, and prolonged exposure to a humid, sanitary environment can cause vaginitis and even pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, and endometritis. Especially during menstruation, wearing tight trousers is more likely to lead to diseases of genital organs due to enclosed humid space.

5. Not suitable for sex

During your period, it is best not to do these 5 things, especially last one.

You should never have sex! This is biggest taboo. Last time, little fairy asked Xiaoyao if you can have sex with a condom during your period? Xiaoyao can only say that it is strictly forbidden to have sex during menstruation. Since endometrium falls off during menstruation and wounds form on surface of uterine cavity, it is easy to introduce bacteria into retrograde uterus during sex, which will cause intrauterine infection, inflammation, adnexitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, even if you wear a condom! Possibility of infection.

In short, once you do this while on your period, you'll be one to get hurt, so learn to protect yourself and love yourself, especially when you're with your significant other. Say more, everyone should know.