The "stumbling block" to pregnancy is that it blocks your "good pregnancy gas".

There are many stages in a person's life, birth-growth-marriage-childbirth, everyone goes through it, but there are people who do not want to get married and have children, and these are actually a kind of people who want to get married and have children of happiness. But after many women get married, pregnancy becomes a big problem. It's not as easy as it seemed. Later, when they go to hospital for a check-up, they find that fallopian tubes are blocking your good pregnancy. So what happens? ? Why are the fallopian tubes blocked?

First, frequent miscarriages

The "stumbling block" to pregnancy is that it blocks your "good pregnancy gas".

Abortions cause great harm to women's health, and many of them are irreversible. In women, not only will this damage uterus, but repeated miscarriages will also cause blocked fallopian tubes. Especially after an abortion, if care is not proper, bacteria will enter body and cause a secondary infection of fallopian tubes, which can very easily cause obstruction and infertility.

Second, sexual intercourse during menstruation or before and after menstruation

The same room during menstruation is also a very important cause of blocked fallopian tubes in women. At this time, bacteria can easily enter female body, causing gynecological inflammation and endometriosis. In severe cases, fallopian tubes can become blocked by an infection. There are also some women who prefer to have sex before and after their period due to hormonal changes in their bodies. In fact, during menstruation and three days before and after menstruation. Not suitable for shared accommodation.

Third, don't pay attention to personal hygiene

The "stumbling block" to pregnancy is that it blocks your "good pregnancy gas".

Some women do not pay due attention to personal hygiene during normal times or during menstruation, do not change underwear in time, improper cleaning method, which leads to growth of bacteria in secretions of underwear, which can easily lead to vaginitis and inflammation of fallopian tubes. There are also women who attach great importance to personal hygiene, but when they are in same room, because other half does not pay attention to personal hygiene, cleaning is not in place, which will also cause great harm to body. . Once bacteria enters a woman's body, it increases likelihood of blocked fallopian tubes.

How to get rid of this "stumbling block"?

◆ Fluid Tubing

For less serious conditions, tubal infusion therapy can be used in combination with some local physiotherapy such as: short wave, low frequency magnetic resonance, microwave, etc. to stimulate local circulation and subside inflammation, thereby promoting tubal patency .

◆ Surgery

The "stumbling block" to pregnancy is that it blocks your "good pregnancy gas".

For treatment of hydrosalpinx, obstruction of fimbria of fallopian tube, etc., a combined examination of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, as well as surgery on fallopian tube, is usually required. Of course, a specific treatment plan can only be determined after consultation with a doctor.

The above is a relevant introduction about blocked fallopian tubes. If you are also blocked due to blockage of fallopian tubes and you are pregnant, you should go to the regular hospital in time to treat your own angel baby.