Is autumn the best time to "make people"? That's right, it can make you a hit

Autumn is warm weather. At this time, farmers herald a good harvest season. As preparation for pregnancy, this is also best season, because if you get pregnant at this time of year, weather will not be cold when you give birth. So hot, pregnant women and babies will be comfortable. Therefore, many couples planning to conceive will choose to prepare for pregnancy this season. How to successfully prepare for pregnancy in fall?

Why is autumn most suitable for “needlework”?

First reason: weather in autumn is most suitable for conception

Is autumn the best time to "make people"? That's right, it can make you a hit

It is said to dress indiscriminately in autumn, this season is really unstable, but not so hot, temperature is right this season, neither cold nor hot, and there will be less bacteria and germs in air, so it is better to have a baby at this time. For women who become pregnant once in July and August, pregnant mother will give birth in spring and summer of following year, and birth will be more comfortable.

Second reason: strongest sperm in autumn

Studies have shown that spermatozoa are different and different in every season. In winter and spring, number of spermatozoa is higher, but there are also many defects. In summer, due to high temperature, it is easy to get dead sperm or abnormal sperm. Under normal conditions, only in autumn, viability and quality of male sperm reach their peak, and it will be easier to conceive a child.

The main tips for reducing "pregnancy gas" are as follows:

Tip 1. Prevent a cold in cold weather

When summer and autumn alternate, it's easy to catch a cold. With a cold, people also have reduced immunity, which affects conception. Therefore, editors recommend that you keep warm during change of season and do not dress too little for sake of beauty.

Is autumn the best time to "make people"? That's right, it can make you a hit

Tip 2. Go to bed early and wake up early, stay up late

Young people nowadays have a habit of staying up late, but if you are pregnant, you should make sure that your body functions are in best possible condition. go to bed before 11 o'clock every night and wake up after 6 o'clock in morning.

Tip 3. Put on more clothes and keep warm

The temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn is relatively large. This is also time to dress indiscriminately. Some girls will wear less beauty clothes, but it will help them catch cold easily. Especially when preparing for pregnancy, you should wear more clothes. The most important thing is to keep warm. At same time, you need to ventilate every day to keep away from colds, and a healthy body can be better than pregnant.

Skill 4: Don't be lazy, train smart

If you are preparing for pregnancy in fall, you should exercise moderately, which can not only increase your own immunity, but also effectively improve quality of sperm and eggs. Here, editor recommends exercising for half an hour. a day if you are preparing for pregnancy, such as jogging, swimming and walking.

Is autumn the best time to "make people"? That's right, it can make you a hit

Skill 5. To prepare for pregnancy, you must master skills of intercourse

Many people think that sexual intercourse several times in a row during ovulation can increase likelihood of pregnancy, but medicine has proven that this does not increase likelihood of pregnancy, but reduces it. intercourse in moderation, and you can have intercourse before and after ovulation. Once chances of conceiving are higher.

If you are reading this article while preparing for pregnancy, you may want to carefully read following article, it may help you. Impulsive preparation for pregnancy will not make you pregnant quickly. Only preparation and skills can make you a quick pregnant woman.