If you want to effectively prepare for pregnancy, you need to know these things beforehand!

It's really hard for young people nowadays, with high work pressure and poor mental and physical condition, it's getting harder to have a baby. But we must become "invincible Xiaoqiang" and we must not be crushed by life. Especially during preparation for pregnancy, you must believe that you can conceive a child in order to eventually conceive a child. But faith alone is not enough, you need to know these things in advance.

If you want to get pregnant fast, you should know following 3 things!

First, folic acid is essential to prepare for pregnancy

If you want to effectively prepare for pregnancy, you need to know these things beforehand!

Folic acid, a B vitamin, is an essential nutrient for preventing fetal malformations, including neural tube defects. Since neural tube of fetus is formed in first 4 weeks, and folic acid deficiency condition cannot be improved immediately after taking supplement, it will take a certain period of time to achieve effect.

It is therefore recommended to start taking supplements in preparation for pregnancy, 3 months before conception.

The Chinese Nutrition Society also recommends in Chinese Diet Guide that women of childbearing age start taking 0.4 mg of folic acid daily no later than 3 months before pregnancy and continue until end of pregnancy.

Second, don't forget to get tested before pregnancy

Before preparing for birth of a child, a pre-pregnancy examination is very necessary. It is recommended to start pre-pregnancy screening 3-6 months before pregnancy and both husbands and wives should get tested.

Examination of a woman is carried out within 3-7 days after purity of menstruation. Examinations include complete blood count, liver and kidney function, screening for Toxoplasma gondii, infectious diseases and thyroid function (TSH, T3, T4). .

If necessary, thin-layer cytology based on cervical fluid, ultrasound examination of breast color, genetic chromosome examination, etc. are also required. Women can find out if there are tumors or cysts in the uterus and adnexa during a gynecological examination and abdominal B- ultrasound.

If you want to effectively prepare for pregnancy, you need to know these things beforehand!

Examinations of a man before pregnancy include a complete examination of blood type, HIV, hepatitis, a study of liver function. After 3-7 days of abstinence, perform a routine semen test, a chromosome test, and a test for sperm DNA damage.

Third, watch your ovulation period to increase your chances of conception

In addition to regular work, rest, and a balanced diet, since survival time of eggs is limited, understanding timing of intercourse is key to determining success or failure of conception. Studies have shown that intercourse within 24 hours of ovulation or 1-2 days before ovulation has highest rate of successful conception.

You can measure your basal body temperature, ovulation test strips, B-ultrasound to monitor ovulation, and measure mid-luteal progesterone levels to determine when you're ovulating and increase your chances of conception.

Fourth, keep a good mood

If you want to effectively prepare for pregnancy, you need to know these things beforehand!

In order to do well with eugenics and postnatal care, future parents must first of all maintain a good and stable mood. systemic and endocrine disorders, as well as lead to testicular spermatogenesis. If these conditions are not corrected in time, it will seriously affect production and quality of sperm, so it is very important to have a calm state of mind.

In conclusion, editor would like to say that only with scientific preparation for pregnancy can a healthy and high-quality child be born. Now more and more future parents are beginning to realize importance of preparing for pregnancy. All health, successful pregnancy!