Women Often Do 5 Things That Will Surpass Your Fertility!

Every woman has ability to give birth, but everyone's fertility is different, there are good and bad, good fertility is very easy to conceive, keep three in two years, five in three years is possible, As long as you do not use contraception, you can get pregnant. But it is more difficult for women with poor fertility to get pregnant. Most of them are caused by some daily habits in life. What habits will reduce your fertility?

5 habits that exceed your fertility that you need to get rid of!

Habits 1. Re-abortion makes pregnancy difficult

Women Often Do 5 Things That Will Surpass Your Fertility!

You should know that while abortion is done, this means that child should not be born. Most of them are often done by untrained women, so hospital also accepts many girls who have abortions. Most of them are not very old, but some girls have had multiple abortions in a row, which will directly lead to thinning of endometrium, which will affect implantation of sperm and eggs and affect pregnancy.

Habit 2: neither too fat nor too thin

When you are preparing for pregnancy, you must bring your weight to an optimal state. If a woman is too fat, it will affect endocrine disorders and affect quality of eggs. But if they are too thin, women will suffer from malnutrition, and in severe cases amenorrhea will also occur. This situation is also not conducive to pregnancy. Only standard weight can successfully bear a child.

Habit Three: An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Women Often Do 5 Things That Will Surpass Your Fertility!

Nowadays, people are used to watching short videos. Those who go to work during day do not have time to watch them. They will wait until they have free time at night and start using short videos to relieve stress of day, but they are addicted to it so they still brush their teeth until early hours of morning which is most common among young people now. It is late for women going to bed not only harms their health, but also affects their fertility, which ultimately leads to infertility.

Habits 4. Get angry often

In our time, people are under a lot of pressure and lose their temper at every turn. Every time you lose your temper, your body will warn you once. Over time, you will not only lose your healthy body, but you will also lose your fertility forever, so it is very important to maintain a good attitude.

Habit 5: Don't give birth at the optimal age

Women Often Do 5 Things That Will Surpass Your Fertility!

As we all know, it takes a long time for women aged 23-30 to have a baby. When a woman reaches her 30s, her ovarian function will begin to decline. This will seriously affect fertility and pregnancy will not be as easy.

Do you still have these habits? If you are still doing this, stop doing it immediately. If you are only affected by disease, you should go to regular hospital in time for examination and treatment, and early treatment can bring baby as soon as possible.