After new crown, is your "big aunt" okay?

Over past two months, when new corona has spread wildly, 80% of people have been infected. Although death rate from this wave of new corona is relatively low, its consequences leave people horrified, some losing their sense of taste. , Rumor, some people are tired, some people cough, etc., but there are also many women who have abnormal leucorrhea and menstrual irregularities after a new crown. Is it directly related to new crown? Let's get a look.

After new crown, "big lady" will indeed be unsettled. After new crown, is your "big aunt" okay?

According to statistics: after installation of a new crown, many patients experience menstrual irregularities and dysmenorrhea, but situation is individual for each person, so severity of the patient's condition is also different, so it is necessary to analyze specific symptoms in detail.

Why do menstrual irregularities occur? After new crown, is your "big aunt" okay?

If a woman becomes infected with new coronavirus during her period, it can cause abnormal periods because some patients will have fever symptoms after being infected with new coronavirus, and large amounts of water will be consumed in body after fever. Causes a decrease in menstrual flow. Moreover, after being infected with novel coronavirus, it causes symptoms such as muscle soreness and back pain in female patients, and in some women, it also causes symptoms of dysmenorrhea. During menstruation, proper rest and keeping abdomen warm will also help improve dysmenorrhea.

How to get better after Yankan?

Firstly, rest is very important, but after infection with a new crown, you need to rest more, ensure proper sleep and contribute to rapid recovery of disease.

Secondly, symptomatic treatment. The most typical symptom of new corona is high fever. At high temperatures, menstruation will be disrupted. At this time, timely symptomatic treatment is necessary. In addition to physical cooling, in severe cases, we can take medication.

After new crown, is your "big aunt" okay?

Finally, stay happy. During period of illness, we become more or less anxious and angry because of illness. At this time, virus is easier to penetrate. Therefore, we must maintain a good attitude and actively treat virus so that virus is defeated.