Why do some get pregnant from first touch? In addition to an easy-to-conceive physique, day of ovulation is also very important!

We all know that a woman with a fertile physique is easier to get pregnant, so many women who are trying to get pregnant want to become just such a physique so as not to be afraid to face difficulties on road. to pregnancy, but it turns out that even if they have a fertile physique, there are many women who try to conceive, fail to conceive, this is actually because they do not count their ovulation period. Next, let's briefly introduce it.

Dangerous period of pregnancy or safe period of pregnancy

Dangerous period for pregnancy: dangerous period, also known as ovulation period. During this period, women release eggs, which usually last about ten days. During this period, fertilized eggs are very easily formed. Fertilized eggs should have sperm and eggs, and sperm don't have to worry. During this period, as long as they have sexual intercourse, they will have sperm, and it happens that a large number of eggs will also be released. Couples who want to conceive a child should take advantage of this good opportunity. If you live in same room, you have a great chance of winning.

Why do some get pregnant from first touch? In addition to an easy-to-conceive physique, day of ovulation is also very important!

Safe period to prepare for pregnancy: The safe period is time when couples can confidently have sex. During this period, likelihood of pregnancy will be significantly reduced. The eggs are still immature and not enough to combine with sperm. Therefore, during this period is also known as security period.

How do women accurately calculate their ovulation period?

01. Method for calculating menstrual cycle

Ovulation usually occurs in middle of two menstrual cycles, that is, approximately 14 days before next period. The day of ovulation and its 5 days before and 4 days after it, added together, is called ovulation period. This method is suitable for women with normal menstrual cycles.

Note: since environmental and emotional changes cause ovulation to be accelerated or delayed, this is not very accurate. It is recommended to combine other methods.

02. Analysis of cervical mucus

Why do some get pregnant from first touch? In addition to an easy-to-conceive physique, day of ovulation is also very important!

Cervical mucus appears throughout menstrual cycle and has small cyclical changes. 24 hours before ovulation, amount of cervical mucus increases, it is transparent and colorless. As a rule, women do not have much discomfort, but a small number of people may experience pain in lower abdomen, which is called ovulation pain.

03. Method for determining basal body temperature

During menstrual cycle, basal body temperature usually fluctuates periodically. Before ovulation, basal body temperature is below normal body temperature, during ovulation, body temperature continues to decrease by 0.1-0.2°C, and immediately after ovulation, body temperature rises by 0.3-0.5°C until it returns to basal body temperature in next menstrual cycle. The day before rise in body temperature is day of ovulation.

By waking up every morning to measure your basal temperature, you can record and draw your own basal temperature chart, and predict ovulation from biphasic changes in basal temperature.

Note: During measurement, test subject should sleep for 6-8 hours before test and continuously measure 2-3 menstrual cycles. It is best to take measurements at same time each day.

04. Method for determining ovulation test paper

Many people think above methods are too complicated, and some women don't know how to observe carefully, so they miss ovulation time, so our commonly used method is ovulation test strip method, which is very simple and can be found in pharmacies. You can buy it to use this method to calculate your ovulation time.

The Ovulation Test Paper helps you predict if you will ovulate by measuring your peak Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels.

Why do some get pregnant from first touch? In addition to an easy-to-conceive physique, day of ovulation is also very important!

During 24-48 hours before ovulation, level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine will have a high peak, and self-testing with an ovulation test paper will show a positive result.

05, B-ultrasound follicle monitoring method

Some pregnant women find that accuracy of ovulation test is not very high, so we can also monitor it with B-ultrasound. , Determining size of follicles, estimated time of ovulation.

For women with regular periods, you can start monitoring from 8th to 12th day of menstruation depending on length of menstrual cycle, and then follow doctor's request.

Patients with irregular menstrual cycles are advised to see a doctor during their menstrual cycle. The doctor will take specific measures depending on each person's situation and will decide if ovulation induction treatment is required based on test results.

Conclusion: 2-3 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation is fertile period. Sisters who have a need for fertility can comprehensively consider ovulation period according to the above 5 methods. May all good pregnancies come as expected!