Whether a woman's fertility is good or not depends on these 5 basic standards!

Recently, there are more and more people with poor fertility in order to give birth to their own children, they resort to folk remedies and turn to large hospitals, but they are always far from a successful pregnancy. In life, people often hear that this is caused by poor fertility, so what are these characteristics of good fertility? Next, let's introduce you to it in detail. I hope to be helpful.

Good fertility or not, it mainly depends on the following 5 indicators!

Indicator 1. Birth at optimal age

Whether a woman's fertility is good or not depends on these 5 basic standards!

Age is biggest problem of childbearing. As a rule, best age for childbearing in women is 23-30 years. After age of 35, reproductive system or various organs are in relatively poor condition at this time, especially ovaries.

Indicator 2. Aunt is very regular

Aunty is actually what we usually call menstruation. This "sister" will see us for a few days every month, but only regular menstruation can ensure regular ovulation. She is harder to find and harder to get pregnant during this time. Therefore, sisters with menstrual irregularities should adjust their menstrual cycle as soon as possible.

Indicator 3. All reproductive organs are healthy

Whether a woman's fertility is good or not depends on these 5 basic standards!

In addition to eggs, pregnancy is affected by fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries, etc. If there are any problems in these organs, it will prevent a good pregnancy. Therefore, we must check whether our reproductive organs are in order. good condition during preparation for pregnancy. In this way, problems can be detected and corrected in time.

Indicator 4: Moderate weight

Moderate weight, neither fat nor thin, is one of signs of good fertility. If a person is too fat or too thin, he will often have endocrine disorders, which will affect release of eggs. For example, polycystic ovary syndrome is often accompanied by obesity, as well as excessive dieting, which leads to a significant decrease in physical fitness, which can easily lead to a decrease in egg viability or menstrual irregularities, and in severe cases, even amenorrhea can occur.

The fifth indicator: a good mood while preparing for pregnancy

Whether a woman's fertility is good or not depends on these 5 basic standards!

People's emotions also affect their physical condition. If they are in negative emotions of mental stress, depression and excessive anxiety for a long time, this can lead to hormonal disorders in body, ovulation disorders, menstrual irregularities and even menopause, which will affect pregnancy.

Excessive prolonged stress can cause sisters to ovulate abnormally, so self-regulation must be done properly and you must maintain a relaxed and happy mood while preparing for pregnancy in order to conceive smoothly.

The above are a few standards for how to know if you're fertile or not. I hope this can help everyone. If you encounter difficulties in preparing for pregnancy, you can go to hospital for examination and treatment, so that early detection and early treatment can be achieved, baby will be born earlier.