Not Pregnant Is Not Necessarily A Disease, It Could Be Due To These 5 Life Habits!

Although our living conditions have improved, more and more people are suffering from infertility. Most of them are unreliable, so we have to choose a general fertility hospital or a tertiary level hospital to look for children. Sometimes the inability to conceive is not caused by a disease, but by some bad habits in life. Let's look further.

What habits of anger can lead to infertility?

Vice one, smoking and secondhand smoke

Not Pregnant Is Not Necessarily A Disease, It Could Be Due To These 5 Life Habits!

Youth pressure is relatively high nowadays, and for men, pastime is smoking and drinking, with smoking being most common, but did you know? Nicotine and harmful substances contained in tobacco will make sperm Injuries can lead to infertility. For women, these harmful substances will interfere with follicle production and ovulation and even endanger uterus, so parents planning to conceive are advised to stop smoking three months before pregnancy.

Second disadvantage: obesity or excessive weight loss

Compared to obese people, standard body type is more suitable for preparing for pregnancy, because excessive obesity predisposes to PCOS, which is also a typical symptom of PCOS. so many patient will be pregnant through ovulation induction. Excessive weight loss is also very harmful to pregnancy, it causes endocrine disruption, menstrual irregularities and abnormal ovulation, which also prevents pregnancy.

Bad habit 3: Staying up late often

Not Pregnant Is Not Necessarily A Disease, It Could Be Due To These 5 Life Habits!

When it comes to staying up late, does everyone have a premonition? It is true that staying up late can bring temporary happiness to people, but if done for a long time, your body may not be able to keep up, especially during preparation for pregnancy, which will increase likelihood of endocrine disorders that will affect quality of eggs and sperm and make it difficult to conceive .

Bad habit number four, frequent miscarriages

These days, young girls are relatively precocious, and they are already having sex before they are fully mature. For those girls who have not taken contraceptive measures, chance of pregnancy is very high, which also leads to chance of abortion. increases, and multiple abortions can easily cause diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, intrauterine adhesions, and endometritis. When these diseases occur, you will not be able to conceive, so everyone should take care of themselves.

Five bad habits, environmental factors lead

Not Pregnant Is Not Necessarily A Disease, It Could Be Due To These 5 Life Habits!

In places where we live, such as chemical factories, electronic factories, etc., there will be a lot of heavy metals or harmful substances near these factories. If we stay in this environment for a long time, our reproductive organs will be injured, leading to infertility, miscarriage, fetal malformations, etc. So if you want to have children, you must stay away from these places.

Reminder: Having a baby isn't easy. Even if you have prepared everything, sometimes you will not be able to conceive a child. Therefore, we must maintain a good attitude in process of preparing for pregnancy. Thus, infertility will not be exploited.